Few people understand how much their diet has to do with their health!
The most common cause of our physical problems today is improper diet and lifestyle.

You see your body is not your enemy. 
Your body has the wonderful ability to heal and repair, 
but it can only do this with the aid of the correct building blocks. 

Over many years of study, I am convinced ‘we do not have to be sick’.
Our incredible bodies are composed of around 100 trillion living cells; 
these cells are in the process of continuously dying and replacing themselves.

In one year from today you can have a complete new bone structure, 
and some say in just 6 weeks a new liver! A new liver does not mean a better liver, 
that all depends on the nutrients the body is to receive in this time.
In this way, we have an amazing self-healing body.
Many have become aware of the vast quantity of evidence which exists showing that a High raw diet - a way of eating, in which 80% or more of foods are taken raw, can not only reverse the bodily degeneration which accompanies long term illness, but retard the rate at which you age, bring you seemingly boundless energy and even make you feel better emotionally.

Just because you are born with faulty genes, doesn’t mean you have to live with them.
The fact is, the body has enzymatic machinery designed to destroy and repair faulty nuclear DNA (genes).
This offensive line depends on good nutrition for optimal performance.
Emanual Cheraskin MD,D.M.D says “Think of a gene as the seed and the environment as the soil.
You can grow a healthy plant in good soil even if you start out with a weak seed.”Defects can, and have been corrected with super nutrition!

The correction of genes and DNA through nutrition is being done today for children with Down’s syndrome, which is the result of an extra chromosome.
Parents and doctors are seeing children grow up without mental retardation, and in some cases, are seeing the typical facial features disappear.

Linus Pauling two time noble prize winner said 'You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency". 

Most of us have been brainwashed into seeing unhealthy foods as adequate diets to live by! (The truth is our bodies ARE NOT FED on milk and white bread!)

We eat to entertain our tastebuds, and then we suffer the torments of migraines, allergies, and digestive disorders, with not a clue as to the dietary connections.
I too have been guilty in the past, entertaining my taste buds with sugar and bad fats, treating my stomach as if it were a stainless steel pipe which emptied into a garbage disposal!

                                                         IF I OFFERED YOU $100 OR $17 –
                                                         WHICH WOULD YOU CHOOSE??

An obvious choice?

The sad fact is we are choosing the $17 when it comes to our health- every time we choose cooked food.

When we eat fruit and vegetables -raw, we receive 100% of the nutrient value.
When we eat cooked food however, we receive only 17% of its nutrient value, and we also destroy all the valuable enzymes needed to digest that food.

Continually eating enzyme-less cooked, dead foods, destroy our health and predisposes us to disease.

We focus far to much on if are we having enough protein and enough carbohydrates, 
when we really need to ask ourselves, ‘is this food I am putting into my God given body -Dead or Alive?’

“Two weeks on a high raw diet can make a woman look 10 years younger! 
Yes the obvious affects can even be seen on a woman’s face. 
Two years on a high raw diet can completely transform the shape, 
the texture and the functioning of a woman’s body,” writes Leslie Kenton, author of The New Raw Energy.


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