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Hi my name is Jenny, thank you for visiting my website which I set up 2008.

I would just like to take a few minutes to share a few things about me.
I have been really interested in natural health for some years now, have completed my certificate in Plant Based Nutrition with Cornell university, and began studying with AST (Academy of Safe Therapies- Australia) to complete an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine.

I am passionate about knowing everything there is about maintaining this wonderful God given body of ours,
for many reasons.
So many people I know just seem to live their life in survival mode, taking pills for their every ill, without questioning why they need to do this.They seem to be just surviving, not living.

Cancer and disease have touched my family and circle of friends, and I have come to learn that this is by and large the result of our society’s addiction to sugary and processed foods.

On top of this, I understand that stress is the other great cause of ill health, ageing and unhappiness. 
This I have learned first hand! 

After many years of burning the candle at both ends, living a frenetic paced life, raising a family, and dealing with grief due to losing a number of loved ones to disease, I came close to crossing that fine line between life and death, and all before the age of forty! My story is not uncommon today, many people sit at the doorstep of a nervous breakdown for years before total burnout occurs then being diagnosed with adrenal exhaustion and chronic fatigue.

This is your life-treat yourself right!

I simply wanted to put down in writing the vital information that has changed my life through diet and lifestyle, with the hope that I may be able to help inspire somebody else, to making changes for the better.

Whether you’re reading this and all is well with your world,
or perhaps your main aim is to lose weight, 
or you’re pregnant and want to start eating right for you and your unborn child, 
or you are facing the darkest time in your life- you have just found out you have cancer or some other serious life-threatening disease,
this site is designed with you in mind!

You can change your world, and it all begins by changing your diet and lifestyle.


I say You are not only what you eat, but what's eating you (...and then theres -what you eat ate!)

While I believe diet is responsible for a large majority of our modern day illnesses, I understand “You are what you absorb”,
and you will have to not only watch what goes into your mouth, but also your heart and mind.

6 ways you become what you absorb:
*What you eat
*What you drink
*What you breathe in
*What you put on your skin (toxic products and exposure to other pollutants)
*What you look at
*What you listen to.

 It’s been said ‘a healthy mind, a healthy body’, this is true, however I have still lost friends and relatives to a variety of diseases that were positive and joyful- even in their time of suffering.
This is why it is of absolute importance that we educate ourselves regarding what we call ‘food’ today.

Our immune system is our greatest defence, and our body has incredible self healing capabilities.

Food will either equip our defence system or it will break it down and leave us defenceless and open to attack.

I hope you will recommend my site to those you care for, as I believe you will be passing on the good news- ‘that you don’t have to be sick and suffer’.
It’s all about re-learning,reprogramming, and being open to entertain a different way of thinking.


I am available as a 'Food as Medicine coach' to anyone who feels the need to sit down and work out a plan and strategy to incorporate healthier foods in their diet, and also work through current health issues, at an affordable rate.
You may contact me at jenny@thinkmoreraw.com

Alternatively you may consider me for group bookings.

*I am also a Thermomix Consultant, and love demonstrating my favourite health appliance, 
which makes the lifestyle I promote doable! 

Inspiring you to health, wealth and wisdom, and to live to your greatest potential..


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