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Need a mentor/Health Coach?

Today we face an epidemic.

Sickness plagues us like never before. Most people over forty have a laundry list of ailments. 
Is this normal? Old age you say? 
The fact is 87% of our dis-eases are Metabolic disorders, that means they are wedded to our diet and lifestyle. Behavioural rather than Genetic.

In our current healthcare system we see a shortage of Doctors and a shortage of time. This means if you go in to see a doctor you will be lucky to spend 12-15mins with him/her.          
I’ve had some lovely Doctors in the past but the truth is unless they are trained in Functional Medicine they have not been taught nutrition at Uni. Secondly they pretty much tell you what to take, 
rather than what you could be doing to change things. It seems to be simply a matter of prescribe the ‘Pill for whatever the ill’

That’s where we have seen a great shift in natural medicine of late with the rise ( and need ) of health coaches. The Coach approach is a very different model. Its an opportunity for a client to work with, be supported and collaborate with his/her Health coach as a guide.

The responsibility of your health is yours, not your Doctors, and in a recent article the Mayo Clinic stated that Wellness coaching is an increasingly popular strategy for improving ones health and well-being, and plays an important role in the movement to end global chronic disease. The Coach approach focusing on teaching to fish rather than giving a fish.

Here are some of the incredible benefits of having a Food as Medicine coach:
-A general guide to eating better.
-Eat your way out of pain.
-Helping you to stay on your eating regime with more ease ( and with great alternatives)
-More willpower through an understanding of what your food actually does.
-Feeling happier with your diet (and waistline), no more guilt trips
-Less anxiety about your food choices, recipes & help in the kitchen.
-Choosing healthier food over less healthy food without thinking about it.
-Less cravings for processed and sugary foods.

Sounds good?  Maybe the added help you need? 
Having a Health Coach will provide the support and guidance you need to navigate the confusion you may be experiencing 

Let me know if you’re interested, and let’s work out a date!
$99 Initial Consultation
Recipes and program
Email me jenny@thinkmoreraw.com today!
Call me on 0417206935

*Also specializing in Group workshops @ your place or workplace.

10th Nov 2018 

6 weeks RESET ME -starts again soon November 18

Feeling sluggish? 
Needing inspiration to get back on the health bandwagon,maybe lose some extra kilos and cleanse that incredible body of yours?
Then this is the reset for you.

Reset will include joining my private Facebook page, Recipes, Meal planner, e-Books, 3 Group coaching ZOOM sessions and individual bi-weekly phone calls.

Connect. Rejuvenate. Refresh.

With the New year under way there's no better time to hit refresh on your diet.
These small changes will have you looking and feeling great in no time.

Let's do this together.
Reset starts again soon 

We will kicking off with a Group coaching session

Group Coaching sessions will require Zoom App FREE download ..on phone or PC

Just $99 investment!
Spaces limited


Hate cooking?
No time for Cooking?

With a  list of healthy meal options to choose from, you choose your 5-6  dishes, have your ingredients ready 
and I'll come and cook up a storm in your kitchen.

3-4 hours and I'll have you set for days
Call me today for price and details!

0417 206935

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