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Need a mentor/Coach?
*Would you like me to coach you 1 on 1? 

Here are some of the incredible benefits of having a Food as Medicine coach:
-A general guide to eating better.
-Eat your way out of pain.
-Helping you to stay on your eating regime with more ease ( and with great alternatives)
-More willpower through an understanding of what your food actually does.
-Feeling happier with your diet (and waistline), no more guilt trips
-Less anxiety about your food choices, recipes & help in the kitchen.
-Choosing healthier food over less healthy food without thinking about it.
-Less cravings for processed and fatty foods.

Sounds good?  Maybe the added help you need? 
Let me know if you’re interested, and let’s work out a date!

*Also specializing in Group workshops @ your place or workplace.

*Next Pantry Makeover 8 Week course (on the Central Coast, NSW)
April-June 2015
Contact me for details jenny@thinkmoreraw.com

Group coaching session and Rawsome workshops-coming soon.

24th and 25th July - WOY WOY, CENTRAL COAST

                                                    Jenny Taylor 0417206935