Acid/Alkaline Balance

The most significant PH NO in your life is not a phone number!                                                           


-and it could be that this  pH number could even help prevent or cause a 000 call in the future!


pH is a measure of the balance between positively and negatively charged ions, in the body fluids, ie blood, saliva and urine.

Your pH number is a reading on a scale of 1 to 14, with 7 being a benchmark neutral, and 1 being highly acidic and 14 being highly alkaline. Ideally our bodies need to be maintained at a pH  7.4

Your body has its own terrain that must be kept at slightly alkaline levels for best health.
Just like a fish tank, if you don’t keep it maintained at the appropriate pH level, the waste and toxins build up and eventually the fish will die. The same goes for our bodies.


(Two fabulous books on the subject are Alkalize or die-Dr Theodore Baroody, The pH miracle - Dr Robert Young )


Most people do not realise the importance and significance of the pH level of their body.

The modern western diet greatly predisposes us for a low -meaning an acidic, pH.


*Protein, refined carbohydrates, meat, dairy & grain foods create acidity.

*Green (and some orange and yellow) vegetables, and most fruit produce an alkalizing effect to our bodies.

This is why at least 80% of our diet needs to be composed of raw fruit, vegetables, seeds, beans and nuts.


BEWARE: A glass of coke/coffee is a pH of 2.5! Yes extremely acidic, and resembles battery acid to the body, and therefore would require 32 glasses of water to counteract the consumption of just that one glass of coke!


Why is an acidic body undesirable?

When your body is acidic your body will borrow minerals - like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium, from vital organs and bones, to neutralize the acid and remove it from the body.


High acidity is not always noticeable outwardly, but may be severely affecting your overall health in a negative way. 

An acid environment in the body is an inviting medium for such disease states as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, chronic fatigue and, of course gout.

To make things worse, acidity in the tissues drive off oxygen. As our cells are aerobic, deprivation of oxygen is just setting up trouble for ourselves.

It is concerning to me that many weight loss regimes adopt a high protein model. While fast results may seem to be attractive, the long term result could be damaging and difficult to reverse.


Dr Robert Young, M.D., the author of the pH miracle for weight loss, believes obesity is not an overweight problem, as it is an overly acidic problem.
He explains in his book how acid builds up in our fatty tissues, causing fat.


In the effort to avoid a host of sicknesses and disease, and in keeping your body at its natural weight level, you can’t do better than a high raw, plant based diet!
In the effort to maintain or to increase the body’s alkalinity, there's no better strategy than to daily incorporate green smoothies into your diet.

Many people today use powered barley/wheat grass/spirulina for ease and convenience, in their daily regime.

I can recommend to you SAFE products, an Australian company of great integrity and sincerity, peace of mind in these days of deceiving, and manipulative marketing.


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HEALTH HINT: Get yourself your home saliva pH test kit (Specialized litmus paper, with information and instructions included.)



“Most people don’t feel anywhere near as good as they’d like to.

Medication, or a magic pill is not the real answer, or you’d feel as good as you want to be.

Once you understand the destruction that overly acidic levels in your body would cause, 

you will make the removal of acidic wastes your priority. Aches and pains will completely disappear!”

Not by counting calories, carbs, fats or proteins, but just by adding more alkaline foods to your diet today.”

“Experience vast improvements of your health issues” says Tony  Robbins, Motivational speaker, life coach and a great advocate of the pH diet..


                 ALKALI ASH FOODS .


*Just about all fruits and vegetables are alkaline yielding, unless they have been pickled or marinated.                         

 *Fresh raw juices

*Green juices and smoothies (Green Barley, Alfalfa , Chlorella,Wheat grass, Kelp, Spirulina powders- dried at room temps)




Raw apple cider vinegar

Bee pollen

Blackstrap molasses (not raw)

Probiotic cultures

Alkaline antioxidant water (purified and ionised water)                                   

Spices and Seasonings

Chilli pepper




All herbs


Tamari/Braggs Amino acids/   Wheatfree

Himalayan/Celtic Sea salt
Nutritional yeast flakes(not raw)


Cold pressed oils (giving maximum nutritional value)

Coconut oil

Flaxseed oil

Avocado oil

Cod liver oil

Hemp seed oil

Extra virgin Olive oil

Evening primrose oil

Udo’s Choice oil


 Acid/Alkaline food chart from
Jenny Taylor,
Nov 1, 2009, 2:43 AM