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These are some questions I get asked frequently :
Q.How can I do this high raw diet on a budget?
A. Its quite plain to me that by taking processed foods out of the diet leaves you able to afford good quality organic produce. 
It is an additional cost, when supplements are required for a certain period of time.
ie many may need a parasite cleanse, some living enzymes and some probiotics to get things sorted in their system.
This must be viewed as health insurance. Money well spent, and as David Wolfe says "how is it our priorities have become inverted? We spend thousands on a new car, and not on the best foods ever!"
Good read on rawfoods on a budget:
Q.Could I have Candida(Yeast overgrowth)?
Q.Why so many allergies today?
A. Allergies are not a disease,they are simply a reaction to toxins/poisons,allergens in the body.
Dr Mark Hyman addresses this and many more questions in this youtube presentation 
or you can search for topics from A-Z on www.ultrawellness/blog.com
Q. How do you stay trim, or get thin & healthy?
A.Of course to eat right and exercise is the obvious answer, however I will add a few habits that are imperative to maintaining your ideal weight.
Drink 2ltrs of purified water (with a 1 tsp Himalayan Salt) after waking, yes-before you eat anything!
Adding lemon is very beneficial too. Your body will love you for it.
This practice alone keeps me so regular.

A green smoothie for breaky and morning tea gets me going, setting a great tone for the day.
Fruit or a tossed salad for lunch, dip and veggies afternoon tea
Evening meal with large serving of salad and veggies.

Ideally, I would love to not eat after 6pm, this is often difficult with my agenda. 
Great tip: Go liquid after this time.
A soup, a smoothie or fruit salad for tea, is the best way to go to bed- on an empty tummy!
Specialists say eat 3 hrs before your bedtime for the best sleep possible.
Q What would you say about optimum health-in a nutshell?  
A.If you want to enjoy happy, wellbeing you must take steps that build vigorous sickness-free health. No one can do it for you, health is self built!
EXERCISE and RAWFOOD DIET sums it up. These are the 2 areas we sin against ourselves. The 1st Commandment of eating -'Thou shalt not poison thyself'...T.C.Fry

Q.What to do about parasites? 

A. Things you should be eating a LOT of these foods to help get rid of parasites:

- raw pumpkin seeds

- cucumbers

- nutmeg
- cloves
-papaya seeds
-hot pepper
- ginger
- wild spicy greens like mustard greens
- Oregano oil
- olive leaf extract
- Grapefruit seed extract
- Aloe Vera
- colloidal silver
- Myrrh
- Cayenne
- Onion
-lots of apples (not store-bought apple juice- that's sugar)
- fennel seed

-2-3 tabs virgin coconut oil daily

Jenny Taylor,
Nov 2, 2009, 1:17 AM