Getting Started

Raw food preparation can be as gourmet or as simple as you wish.
A few basic tools can get you started:
A couple of sharp knives
A couple of colourful cutting boards
A decent blender (a little magic bullet may start you off)
Then you can even strain your smoothies to make a pulp free juice!
A food processor (makes shredding and combining food quick & easy!)
A juicer -single gear, slow masticating is the one you want to invest in -the fast speed commercial centrifugal juicers destroy alot of the nutrients! (I say eat your fruit & juice your veggies!)
A couple of tubs in the yard can begin the veggie patch!
Organic produce wherever possible.
A good wholefood supplements such as 'EnerGfood'(Supergreen powder) and 'Citramin' (collodial minerals)
from SAFE   to use for convenience

A good dozen recipes to make meal prep a breeze! 
You can check out my recipes but heres a great e-book to get you started from

And eventually you'll want-
A Thermomix....This is one multifunctional appliance that does so much.
I say anything it doesnt do,is not worth doing! 
I talk more about it under The Amazing Thermomix