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Meet Phillip Day

Phillip Day is an author, investigative journalist and international speaker. His work revolves around uncovering the most effective treatments available today and distributing that information to as many people as possible. Phillip believes in taking responsibility for ones own health and that "prevention is worth a ton of cure at a thousandth of the cost." 
You may like to browse Author & Health researcher Phillip Days amazing educational books on cancer and other terminal illnesses,
his view on Pyschiatry and Modern medicine, and its flaws.
His line up of Books include:
'Cancer, Why were dying to know the truth'.
'The ABCs of disease'
'The mind game'
'The truth about HIV'
'The essential guide to Water & Salt'
'Simple changes'....all awesome reading!
'Healthy at 100' awesome!
Supplier of  'Making a killing'documentary on psychiatry & drugs

'Healing in the home'
'Latest cancer breakthroughs'....awesome listening 

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I have had the privilege now, to have spent a few evenings with Phillip Day when on his Australian tours.
This man has done his research and has totally impacted my opinions on medicine and the truth about our food.
If you have the opportunity to attend one of his health talks, I promise you value for money! (Usually Feb  tour in Australia)

At his meetings you will hear him boldly state and back up with solid evidence, topics such as:                                                      

*How today’s top killers are, nothing more than metabolic diseases
*How there is no such thing as a mental disease.
*Don’t drink your milk- and why
*How the general health of our society is in a state of emergency- sickness and disease is escalating.
*Medical Science is largely about “curing the symptoms” not “preventing the disease.”
*The escalation of latrogenic deaths (wrongly prescribed, prescription drugs)
(He uses a great analogy of imagining a sink overflowing with water, as the tap’s been left on. Do you reach for the mop or turn off the tap?)
*How sugar feeds cancer. And any cereal, bread, rice, grains, beer- all breaks down to sugar.
*How there are at least 18 cultures in the world that are living 100 plus and prospering without any cancer incidence.
*How fluoride is an industrial waste that has proven to be carcinogenic (cancer causing)
*How chemotherapy itself, is carcinogenic.
*How grains are massed produced & mass stored, and they become contaminated.
*How vaccines are a scam!
*How antidepressants cause ‘depression’.
*How we live in a society treating social problems with medication.
*How a properly functioning immune system is the best defence against cancer.
*How it only takes 7 yrs for a complete new you.
*How disease thrives in an acidic environment, but cannot dwell in an alkalized, oxygenated system.
You will have many questions answered about today’s major issues.
You will be informed on today’s major cover-ups!

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

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