We are very proud to recommend Credence Publications unreservedly as a 'must' on your list of sites to visit. Credence is an independent research organisation founded by author and researcher Phillip Day who frequently travels the globe helping thousands of people overcome their health issues through solid nutrition and simple lifestyle changes. Credence has forged a unique place for itself in the health field over the last 8 years and has produced a catalogue of excellent books, CDs and DVDs on a variety of subjects.

They also feature a range of specially selected health products and organic foods that fit the ethos of healthy living and are of the highest quality. In addition they publish a monthly newsletter called EClub (currently free) and feature a regular series of health tips overflowing with useful information.


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Who is Phillip Day?
This video will provide some insight into Phillip's work via the testimonies
of people who have attended his various live talks.