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Why Rawfood is superior?

                                                         Its time we started eating like our life depended on it- BECAUSE IT DOES
When Fruit or Vegetables are cooked, 83% of their total nutrient value is destroyed, not only that, but the oxygen-containing enzymes in that food are as well.


In the book-The New Raw Energy, author Leslie Kenton comments on cooked food:

“Over a period of years, such a diet deprives the body of essential nutrients and leads to sub-clinical deficiencies. 

With its renewal and maintenance mechanisms impaired, the body loses its resistance to stress, fatigue and illness."


“Research done by Paul Kouchakoff at the institute of clinical Chemistry in Lausanne in the 1930s throws an intriguing sidelight on the phenomenon of resistance and its relationship to cooked foods.

What his work implies is that the body recognises cooked and processed foods as harmful invaders and does its best to wipe them out.

Simply put, white blood cells (Leucocytes) start rushing to the scene of the invasion (the Intestines) as soon as food enters the mouth. 

The phenomenon is called ‘digestive leucocytosis.

Until Kouchakoff’s work, it was thought to be a perfectly normal reaction to the ingestion of all food. But Kouchakoff found that when food is eaten raw, digestive leucocytosis does not occur. The number of white cells in the bloodstream did not increase when his volunteers ate raw food.

Processed and cooked food, however, reliably triggered off white cell mobilisation.

Interestingly leucocytosis does not occur if you eat something raw before you eat something cooked.”   


Leslie’s wonderful book also talks about American Physician Francis M Pottenger and his laboratory discoveries about fresh foods and their effects on health.


“While carrying out experiments with the adrenal glands of cats, Pottenger noticed that when fed on scraps of raw meat, the animals were much healthier. They were far less likely to die from surgery than those fed on cooked meat. So remarkable did this seem to him that he decided to conduct controlled studies to explore the phenomenon.

Protocol in his experiments was carefully observed. They met the most rigorous scientific standards of the day and lasted for ten years, spanning several generations of animals.

Pottenger fed part of his colony of 900 cats on pasteurised milk, cooked meat and cod-liver oil. He found that these animals developed a high incidence of allergies, sickness and skeletal deformities. As one generation begat another, they tended to produce smaller litters of weaker, low birth weight animals.

Another group of cats Pottenger fed on the same diet but this time the meat was raw and the milk unpasteurised. These animals were healthy, had good skeletal structure and were normal in their behaviour. Their offspring were healthy through several generations, unlike the offspring of the cooked-food group which showed increasingly pronounced abnormalities in physiology and behaviour.


Pottenger then began to study the effect of nutrition on human health and to look at the effect that dietary change has on both health and disease, with a particular concern for the damage brought about by eating a diet of chemically fertilised, processed foods and proteins denatured by heat.”


                                   More energy, anyone?


Harvey goes on to say..


“Everyone wants to have more energy. Guess what function of the human body demands more energy than any other function? The digestion of food! Isn’t that interesting? Have you ever felt sleepy after a meal? Who hasn’t? That happens because all energies are concentrated on taking care of the food in the system. The digestion of food takes more energy than running, swimming and bike riding. In fact there’s nothing that can be named that takes more energy than the digestion of food”.






If the digestion of food takes more energy than any other function of the body, where is it, do you think that we are most likely to be able to free up some energy for use elsewhere?

From our digestive tracts of course”, says Harvey Diamond co-author of the famous book, Fit for life.


Cooked and processed food can take 8 hours just to leave the stomach! It can then take twenty or more to pass through the intestines!!

In his book, Harvey goes into detail about Natural Hygiene and proper food combining...its quite a good read.


After suffering chronic insomnia for some years, I can applaud my high raw diet for allowing me the energy to simply get through my day.

If I had been eating the Standard American/Australian Diet, a diet high in cooked, processed and high sugary foods, I doubt I would have survived.



We’ve got to start thinking more about what our body needs- than our tastebuds!

So do you know what your body needs?



Most men take better care of their motor vehicles than their bodies.

It’s time to learn the truth about our nutritional needs!


The body daily requires:

  • 16 Vitamins and 60 Minerals
  • 12 Amino Acids (Proteins, Carbohydrates and good Fats)
  • 3 Essential Fatty acids
  • Enzymes
  • Pure, clean Oxygen
  • Pure clean Water
  • Sunlight
  • Rest




“Whole foods are the most nutritious foods; they are more nutritious than the supplements that are made from them. 

You can remove the cause of the need for excess supplements by eating and living a healthy lifestyle”. Doug Graham



                                                             Ladies, isn’t this the best news you’ve heard yet!


                               The most nutritious meals you could prepare for your family, doesn’t involve cooking!
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Why would you eat a raw food diet?

Raw food diet turns back the clock of aging, both spiritually and physically, in a natural way!
All raw foodists across the globe report in their writings the same positive results, such as:

-loss of extra weight
-getting rid of gluttony
-adoption of a positive stance towards life and good mood
-getting rid of depression
-getting rid of headaches
-getting rid of problems before and during menstruation
-disappearance of cellulitis
-thickening of hair
-disappearance of white hairs
-getting rid of allergies
-getting rid of mycoses
-getting rid of arthritis
-getting rid of phobias
-getting rid of addictions (cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, etc)
-getting rid of chronic fatigue
-getting rid of stomach disorders
-getting rid of acne and skin problems
-getting rid of bad breath and bodily smell
And many many more.
The list is long, because each raw foodist reports different problems they got rid of!
Furthermore, there are many who report being self-healed from serious ailments like cancer.