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What to eat on a high raw diet


Once you come to understand that raw fruit and vegetables are the healthiest, it’s likely you’ll begin to journey toward a high raw diet.


*While for some people, giving up meat and dairy seems impossible, others discover how their bodies run a whole lot better without animal products! (Hallelujah acres research has shown that animal products are the cause and contributing cause of up to 90% of all physical problems today)


*95% of raw fooders (those who eat a raw diet) eat a little cooked food for a variety of reasons:


-Not everyone is that disciplined to stay to a 100% raw diet.

-Most people enjoy eating out with friends and socialising over a meal together.

-Some cooked foods seem easier to eat/digest than raw, such as potatoes, pumpkin etc..


Dr Joel Furhman, M.D says it is most satisfying to fill up on nutrient dense foods, such as fruit and vegetables.


The Raw foodist can enjoy an enormous variety of:


Fresh fruit (100's of varieties!)

Green leafy vegetables

Vegetables, Root vegetables                                                       

Squash, variety of zucchini

Wild greens                                                  

Nuts & Seeds

Bean sprouts 

Legume sprouts, sprouting seeds


Wild rice sprouted

Sea Algae’s & Vegetables

Cold pressed Oils

Honey & Agave
Bee Pollen

Raw Chocolate


It is not at all a boring diet- and can be as simple, or gourmet as you like.


Food dehydrators are another way of preparing foods with a little more diversity.
For example, zucchinis can be sliced up in rings and dehydrated to make fabulous veggie chips for dips.

(You can email me on jenny@thinkmoreraw.com to purchase a Excalibur Dehydrator $499 plus freight)


The more raw foods in your diet, the better, but to enjoy your food is just as important.


                    Starting out on a high raw diet:


*Allow time for transition, and remember you are in a process!


Just think of the number of years that went into setting your current eating and lifestyle practices in place. Don’t expect these patterns to resolve themselves overnight.


It doesn’t need to take years of trial and error to become consistent on a high raw diet.

Many have progressed from a Vegetarian to a Vegan Diet and then to a Raw Vegan diet.


*Your taste buds will change!


It’s a fact that you have new taste buds every 10 days! (Taste buds are clusters of 50-100 cells, with a taste pore at the apex of each bud.

Nerve fibres connect your taste buds to your brain. When old cells die, new cells are born.

Cravings too will change in a short time, as your body begins to desire what is right for it.


Anthony Robbins (popular life coach and motivational speaker), said he was amazed at how quickly his taste changed from sugary, acidic beverages to highly desire water, and lots of it.

The desire for salty and sugary foods will become a thing of the past.


*Approach this new lifestyle with the right attitude

with fun, joy, and novelty in trying new things.


*Keep motivated, inspired and focused by reading inspirational information on the topic. Keep learning about the body God has given you, how it works and how you can help it run better.


*Educate yourself and build a new ‘belief system’

 Discipline alone will not be enough.

That is, ‘Why you do what you do’- a conviction will keep you staying the course.


                           A very simple- unlimiting, daily program.


Start the day with a few good sized glasses of pure water (better still with a squeeze of lemon) until you feel the tugging but pleasant, natural hunger pangs.


This is the time to either begin with a good sized fruit salad or alternatively a wholesome smoothie or two- made purely on fruit and perhaps get adventurous by adding some greens.

(A great way to dose up on your omega 3/6 is add a couple of spoonfuls of ground up flaxseeds and sunflower seeds in the mix!)

This meal should be big enough to last you through to lunch.


Drink more water.


Lunch can consist of a generous serving of salad and fruit with a low fat salad dressing. Vary your salad choice each day.(see recipe section)

A healthy wrap, or sandwich made on wholesome, wholemeal sour dough rye bread, is another alternative to a life-giving lunch.


Another smoothie, juice or a couple of helpings of more fruit will take you through to dinner. Try several pieces of different fruits, or have 3-4 pieces of one fruit, but a variety will ensure a broad spectrum of vitamins.

Drink a glass of water before each meal, and avoid drinking during a meal as this can interfere with digestive juices.


Substitute your coffee break for a daily vegetable juice consisting of carrots, celery, beetroot, cucumber and apple, is a great dose of vitamins and minerals, and wins hands down over a highly processed, vitamin supplement.


Begin tea with a vegetable entrée- its a great way to munch on carrot, celery, beans, and zucchini sticks with your favourite raw dip (See recipe section)


If on a transitional diet, you may at this point include a small portion of cooked food and a small serve of meat,fish or Chicken.

A baked potato, steamed veggies, corn or rice dish, accompanied with another serve of salad, is a satisfying meal.

Before bed you may find snacking on a handful of raw mixed nuts or dried fruit, a good substitute for the sweet cravings many have.

Raw chocolate and other deserts made of nuts , seeds and fruit may be enjoyed in moderation.



HEALTH HINT: Don’t just think about all the things your saying no to!

Think about all the things your saying yes to!


*Improved health!

*New energy levels!

*The end of sickness!

*General well being of you and your loved ones


Raw fruit and vegetables are by far the healthiest foods, so the easiest way to feel like a million dollars is to start putting more of those foods in your body!



                                                                              OPTIMUM HEALTH IS OUR GREATEST ASSET!



                                                                                “Let thy food be thy medicine, thy medicine be thy food”

                                                                                       Hippocrates (the Father of Medicine)