Live Blood analysis

Live blood analysis or Live Blood Microscopy involves a fascinating examination of your blood to analyze your health. A single drop of blood is taken from the tip of your finger, and viewed through a microscope which will provide resolution of these features without drying or staining the blood. This technique enables the evaluation of blood features in their living state, thus the term “live blood” analysis.
This is simply the best way in which a physician can understand the state/condition of his/her patient, and the functional imbalances, otherwise known as precursors to disease.
                                                                                                Watch a friend of mine Claudia Anton N.D view her patients blood.

YouTube Video

After many a standard blood test, nothing was like having a glimpse into the underworld of our skin and blood!
Ive learned so much from each visit viewing this vital service.
I'd encourage you who are serious about your health, find a Naturopath who does Live Blood anaylsis/ Haematology.

YouTube Video is located at Burleigh heads, The Gold Coast, Australia - Offering Live Blood Analysis
Alternately you can google 'Live Blood Analysis' to find a Naturopath near you, offering this amazing service!

YouTube Video