Living Naturally in an Unnatural World

 Hey girls, be encouraged, you who are doing your best to raise a healthy generation naturally, in this unnatural world we live in.
These are the words of Mike Adams,( known as the health ranger) from his Mothers Day newsletter from his Naturalnews website..
"I applaud women who are health conscious mums, who represent the future of human civilization. Why? Because toxic chemical exposure renders a species infertile after about four generations and much of the US population is only a generation (or two) away from discovering they can no longer reproduce.
The future of human life on earth depends entirely on health conscious mums who eat healthy, stay healthy and minimise their exposure to toxic chemicals, thereby raising healthy babies that have hope for a real future.
So thank you mums, for all the effort and expense you’ve gone through to raising healthy children. Hopefully you’re recognised by other family members today for your miraculous gift of creating new life, but even if your not, I believe there will be a day when society looks back and thinks, wow, our civilization was saved from these forward thinking women who took care to avoid toxic chemicals and feed themselves herbs, nutrients and super foods, thereby providing health and life to future generations!"
It may seem at times you are swimming up a downhill stream but know this, you are giving your family the greatest health care investment available!
“We can solve well over 90% of all the chronic diseases with simple, inexpensive natural therapies” Dr Mercola
Your diet and lifestyle play a large part of your joy and wellbeing in life.
Learn how you can make a difference to the welfare of your family and friends by desiring a healthier, informed outlook in your approach to raising a healthy, whole family. A family, that can be part of the answer to the worlds problems and not a part of the worlds problems..
You would know by now, you cannot believe everything you read.
So who then, do you believe?

I encourage you, in our day and age, to become truthseekers, sifting through the pile of contradicting information about health, and find the truth.

There was a time when I was totally confused, so much conflicting documentation,
but over the period of time, you learn more and it begins to make sense.
It’s just like a puzzle, the pieces start coming together.

Always remain teachable and openminded, no matter how much of a subject you understand-you can always be wrong.

I recently read an article that stated Beer and Pizza are good for you!

Yes, it’s now official- because some bogus research says so!
Aren’t you happy!
This would suit many people, because it means they can keep doing what they want to do (despite the consequences to their health.)
Dr Silvano Gallos, of some serious pharmaceutical institute in Milan, found the miracle component in Pizza that can help reduce the risks of developing certain cancers by 59%....
CONVENTIONAL TOMATO SAUCE!  (Would someone tell him its far better to just eat tomatoes, without the sugar and additives! )

Actually a lot of foods we previously thought were ‘bad for us’ are now officially rehabilitated as being ‘good for us’, thanks to these bogus reports, that media love to use for their articles.

Beer too has been reported to be good for us because it contains VitB6 -which is thought to be linked to a decrease in the risk of heart disease!
"Half conspiracy, half stupidity" says Fred Patenaude, Author, Raw fooder
Becoming an alcoholic and contract cirrhosis of the liver, to get your sufficient B6!
(Did anyone think about just eating a handful of raw nuts a day)

Any alcohol, that has been said to be a health benefit, is only because of the plant component of that drink- not because of the alcohol.
Fermented red wine, comes nowhere near the health benefits of that of freshly squeezed grape juice! No process –just 100% nutrients and enzymes.
Alcohol is an enemy to your health, you need know the truth!