My story

You will know by now my name is Jenny. I was born in 1968 (so you can work out my age) and am married to the love of my life Howie.
I have three awesome children,all following their passion in music.

*I am one of a few that is able to say I was raised in a healthy home, my Mum was a homemaker while I was growing up, so I was blessed with home made meals,
rarely takeaway , 
plenty of fresh fruit and veggies.

I married at 19, Howie and I started our family the very next year. 
In fact I was pregnant for 3 years running.
With 3 under 3yrs, Howie up at 4am & home at 7pm.. I had my work cut out for me!
And I was overly committed to many other things!

When my youngest was 3yrs old my fit & healthy father 53year old-(who had been an Ambulance officer) was diagnosed with mesothelioma - a type of asbestos cancer in the lining of the lungs..and in a very short time passed away (in 1993)

Not only was this the start of my health problems - grieving process, Migraines, palpitation, anxiety attacks, depression, sleep deprivation- and I know now... 'undiagnosed chronic fatigue'.... but Dads cancer also led me on my own personal health journey..

*I began to research water fasting, which I then went on to discover juice fasting or feasting as it is modernly named -
in which I learned the power to reverse many incurable diseases.
I learned of the Gerson & Bruess Therapies being practised in many clinics across the world today. Reversing the irreversible in most cases.
And I started practicing regular fasting, as a the great healing modality it is. And even enrolled as a Juice fasting Coach
One long fast we did was a month of juicefasting, it was just incredible, I could've keep going!

This info is not common knowledge to most people but it is out there...for anyone who has the time & inclination!
The internet such a wonderful tool. (Isnt it hard to remember life before google!?)

*In 2000 I started taking Green barley powder (a green superfood) and learned the power of superfoods which changed many things for me including immediate changes to my mental & emotional health.( I love my health company- SAFE Australia for their wholefood supplements from sea & land vegetation, who specialize in Live blood Microscopy and have a number naturopaths, see

*At some stage I read a fabulous book called Raw Energy by Leslie Kenton, wow what a great book!
This is when I began to understand the lies we have been fed and started discovering the truth about our food.

(It's so important that I point out here: While my diet was changing, my lifestyle wasn't.)

*I learned of many peoples stories such as Dr Lorraine Day who cured herself of stage 4 breast cancer
Rev George Malkmus who cured himself of colon cancer & now lectures 30yrs later at his Centre in North Carolina
They've seen 100s of 1000s people with over 100 different diseases, cured on his 'Hallelujah diet' -a diet which consists of at least 85% raw fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds and sprouted grains.(This plant based diet has been given many names- The garden diet, the rave diet, rawvegan diet)

*I learned about the toxic chemicals in our every day personal products, and through a fabulous health company, and went to hear an amazing health researcher Phillip Day which brought alot of things together for me. He was does regular global tours, so check him out later
I've seen him a number of times now, cutting edge-great stuff.
In his seminar you'll hear things such as the truth about Depression, and the whole mental illness scam, drug companies out to make patients of us all, 
The truth about Fluoride, vaccinations, and Chemotherapy etc...

*2004 started a run of deaths in our family & circle of friends.
Around 20 in total.. Mother & Father in law, grandparents, pets, and few good friends.
It was at this point I stopped sleeping, and was diagnosed with chronic fatigue, adrenal exhaustion/failure- the old fashioned word for it- I had a nervous breakdown!

But barely functioning.. still life must go on - with a family of 5 and with absurd determination, I kept my job, and kept house, running on just a handful of hours each night!

My diet was allowing me energy to push on through it all, 
despite the horrific symptoms of sleep deprivation,tremulousness (an inner shakiness),dizziness, tinnitus, panic attacks, sensitivity to sound, light, and movement!

*It was around this time too as I dug deeper into research I learned about the growing raw food community that was expanding rapidly particularly in the states, one of the first raw food teacher being Fred Patenaude who explained the science of green smoothies and how its a superb way to incorporate more greens into the diet.

I discovered a great site (thanks to Steve Prusack) who introduced me to many of the raw food teachers and enthusiasts, such as Doug Graham, David Wolfe, Kevin Gianni, Roe Gallo, Mike Adams and Victoria Boutenko.

*2008 was the indeed the best and worst year of my life, I distinctly remember two occasions where I came close to dying!
You can die of stress & lack of sleep you know.

Other health problems developed from my stress and insomnia and at this time I discovered I had a reasonable sized fibroid tumour in my uterus., causing haemorrhaging.. A real wakeup call!

It was at this point I was so weak and physically unable to work, which allowed me alot more rest, and of course- precious study time.
This luxury of time, I normally wouldn't have had, finally woke me up to the frenetic paced life I was living...and why diet alone won't do it for you!

I had become a human doing- not being! This was a turning point for me.

*My love for people and seeing them regain their health led me to share what I ve learned with friends and anyone who was interested.. 
which birthed my "Disease proof your life classes", just starting out in a cafe, that year.

That led to me running many courses, in my hometown Umina, Central Coast, A monthly Movie seminar at my local Cinema,
and I also started studying for an advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine.
Completed a Plant based Nutrition course and Coaching course with DSWA Leadership Certification Course and currently a Health Coaching course with Dr Eric Berg DC

I have some amazing testimonies of people who attended these courses and movies, and after implementing simple dietary changes have seen their health transformed!

So now I know -your not just what you eat (although that is a huge component)... but what's eating you!

It's a balance of diet and lifestyle! 
Beware: Stress is a silent saboteur!

Raw plant foods are without a doubt a key to outstanding health, try it on for yourself...

Here's to your health and happiness!