Natural solutions

I say If you've got a problem, always try to fix it naturally!                                                                    
A headache? 
Maybe your dehydrated, seeing the first symptom of dehydration is pain.

Most reach for the aspirin, but I can guarantee your body didnt need the pill as much as the glass of water you just swallowed down with it!
I have not taken a headache pill for years. I will get the occasional headache, but I always ask myself "What is my body trying to tell me'!

Pain is our bodies way of communicating.

Water is a fabulous cure for many a pain.
Check out
Sore throat? Apple cider Vinegar (Braggs is the best-raw and unpasteurized) is great diluted, gargle and swallow it down.
Then there's raw honey! Anti microbial and antibacterial, works wonderfully! 
As are lemons, garlic and even a concotion of them all!
Then theres essential oils... such as the Thieves blend...we could go on.
Pain in the tummy? 
The herb Slippery Elm is wonderful for many an upset tummy.
My pantry is never without it! Once I learned about this wonderful little remedy, my kids have grown up worshipping it! It certainly cut many a bug in its track.
These are all natures gifts.The medicine God prescribed for us.
As Hippocrates is so famous for quoting: Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine thy food!

I'll keep adding natural solutions to common problems on this page so please return at a later date.
Let me make it quite clear, all drugs are liver toxic and only turn off the symptoms. The symptoms are your warning bell.
Believe me, you dont want to turn off the alarm, that is warning you of greater peril.
Imagine ignoring your smoke alarm, or your temperature gauge on your car?  Thank God we have these alarms when it comes to our health too!
Sadly the medical community is too often about terminating the alarm by drugs without getting to the core of the problem.
Antacids, antihistamines and antidepressants are nothing more than a turning off of the warning symptoms, not actually addressing the root cause.


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Natural solutions