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The great Health Debate
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3 Things your dentist will never tell you
Tooth-care expert Nadine Artemis shares important facts about tooth care that you will NOT hear from any conventional dentist or doctor.
This vital information will enable you to take the "guess work" out of caring for your mouth and KEEP YOUR TEETH for ALL the years of your life.

If you havent already picked this up, foodmatters is a great site full of info and really worth subscribing to!!

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Should I consume fruit sugars if Im healing from cancer?
This is a debatable question among the alternative medicine community, one which I feel needs clearing up.
This is a brillant answer from Dr Jameth Sheridan!

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Heal yourself in 15 days
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The Danger of Excessive Childhood Vaccinations
By Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.

In 1976, children received 10 vaccines before attending school. Today they will receive over 36 injections. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the Center for Disease Control assured parents that it was safe to not only give these vaccines, but that they could be given at one time with complete safety. Is this true? Or are we being lied to on a grand scale?

The medical establishment has created a set of terms, which they use constantly to boost their egos and firm up their authority as the unique holders of medical wisdom -- the mantra is “evidence-based medicine€, as if everything outside their anointing touch is bogus and suspect.

A careful examination of many of the accepted treatments reveals that most have little or no scientific “evidence-based€ data to support it. One often repeated study found that almost 80 percent of medical practice had no scientific backing.

I find it interesting that there exist an incredible double standard when it comes to our evidence versus theirs. The proponents of vaccination safety can just say they are safe, without any supporting evidence what-so-ever, and it is to be accepted without question.

Yet, let me, or anyone else, suggest that excessive vaccination can increase the risk of not only autism, but also schizophrenia and neurodegenerative diseases, and they will scream like banshees – Where is the evidence? Where is the evidence? When we produce study after study, they always proclaim them to be insufficient evidence or unacceptable studies.

More often than not, they just completely ignore the evidence. This is despite the fact that we produce dozens or even hundreds of studies that not only demonstrate the link clinically and scientifically, but also clearly show the mechanism by which the damage is being done -- even on a molecular level. These include cell culture studies, mixed cell cultures, organotypic tissue studies, in vivo animal studies using multiple species and even human studies. To the defenders of vaccine safety -- our evidence is never sufficient and, if we face reality -- never will be.

This is an excerpt of an article by Russell L Blaylock, M.D. The full article can be found here

‘Vaccine Nation’

From the award-winning director of The Drugging of our Children, Gulf War Syndrome: Killing Our Own and AIDS Inc. - comes the latest film of critical social importance: Vaccine Nation. For most people, vaccinating themselves and their children seems like a good idea. Vaccines are safe, effective and are supposed to protect us against dangerous infectious diseases - Right? See for yourself why this statement may not be true... What you don’t know can harm you or kill you!

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5 Top reasons why your not losing weight:
By Kevin Gianni

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Article well worth reading: 
'Why boys are turning into girls'
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We are what we eat? No...
We are what we digest !
We are what we digest !
Given the right nutrients, the human body inherently knows how to establish and restore excellent health, heal disease and strengthen from the inside. Yet a basic misconception is the notion that modern food contains all the vitamins we need. Many years ago, when the minerals and nutritive content of soil properly nourished plants and most foods were locally grown, fresh and eaten soon after harvesting, people consumed nutritionally richer foods. With 20th century modernization came the wide spread use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, additives, preservatives and other contaminants.
Most of us today suffer from dietary deficiencies which cannot be remedied until the mineral – depleted soils are brought into proper balance. Foods like fruits, vegetables and grains growing on millions of acres of land no longer contain enough specific kind of minerals result in widespread nutritional deficiency, no matter how much of them we eat. A shortage of nutrients in both the growing and processing of food contains to spike, barely supplying minimum daily requirements. Even those diligently eating a diet of fruits and vegetables, food alone cannot sufficiently provide the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain a healthy and balanced life. Our culture is studded with myths, misinformation and misconceptions about the role of nutrition and supplementation on our lives.
The essential ingredient for food health is education. A compromised digestive system absorbs fewer nutrients and creates the conditions for obesity and other imbalances. Quality foods enhance health, strengthen immunity and create the best conditions for overall well being. Hippocrates Health Institute supports complementary and integrative medicine with a firm conviction in a healthy plant- based diet and lifestyle. Combined with natural and high quality supplementation, robust health can be regained and maintained.

Hippocrates, the fifth century B.C. Greek physician, said it best: Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

Be aware of Codex!

Codex (Formally Codex Alimentarious - which is Latin for “Food Code”) is a rapidly moving “legal and political” movement world wide which is geared to severely limiting our health freedoms. (It is driven primarily by world wide Big Pharma people – driven now by the US pharma). It is all under the guise of creating world wide standards for our “well being” affecting anything we consume – food and all nutrients, supplements, etc. This has been an extremely insidious and clever low key campaign which is why few people are aware of Codex and its impact. Pieces of this program have been cleverly inserted as “tack ons” in other important legislation that has nothing to do with Codex.

Among the positions it is actively pushing: (most of which have already been adopted for over 100 other countries):

  • All foods – including organic - will be irradiated
  • All nutrients (vitamins and minerals) are to be considered toxins/poisons and are to be removed from all food because Codex prohibits the use of nutrients to "prevent, treat or cure any condition or disease.
  • Worldwide implementation of unlabeled GMOs into crops, animals, fish and trees.
  • All animals used for food are to be treated with potent antibiotics and exogenous growth hormones.
  • Nutrients allowed will be limited to a Positive List developed by Codex which will include such beneficial nutrients like Fluoride (3.8 mg daily) developed from environmental waste. All other nutrients will be prohibited nationally and internationally to all Codex-compliant countries
  • All nutrients (e.g., CoQ10, Vitamins A, B, C, D, Zinc and Magnesium) that have any positive health impact on the body will be deemed illegal under Codex and are to be reduced to amounts negligible to humans' health. You will only be able to get these with a doctor’s prescription – and that will be subject to rigid guidelines.
  • All advice on nutrition (including written online or journal articles or oral advice to a friend, family member or anyone) will be illegal. This includes reports on vitamins and minerals and all nutritionist's consultations.
  • Mandatory use of growth hormones and antibiotics on all food herds, fish and flocks (All dairy cows are to be treated with Monsanto's recombinant bovine growth hormone.)
  • The reintroduction of deadly and carcinogenic organic pesticides that in 1991, 176 countries (including the U.S.) have banned worldwide including 7 of the 12 worst at the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pesticides (e.g., Hexachlorobenzene, Toxaphene, and Aldrin) will be allowed back into food at elevated levels.
  • and more…… 

         article from  Hippocrates Health Centre


Tips from possibly worlds oldest man:
There is a saying- one third of what you eats feeds you; two thirds of what you eat feeds your doctor!
Two-meal diet aids in oldest man's longevity
By Sydne George, Great Falls (Mont.) Tribune

Walter Breuning, who turned 113 on Monday, eats just two meals a day and has done so for the past 35 years.

"I think you should push back from the table when you're still hungry," Breuning said.

At 5 foot 8, ("I shrunk a little," he admitted) and 125 pounds, Breuning limits himself to a big breakfast and lunch every day and no supper.

"I have weighed the same for about 35 years," Breuning said. "Well, that's the way it should be."

"You get in the habit of not eating at night, and you realize how good you feel. If you could just tell people not to eat so darn much."

His practice of skipping supper began when he first moved to Great Falls from Minneapolis in 1978.     He lived in the Yellowstone Apartments at the time and would walk downtown to Schell's in the Johnson Hotel on the Albon Club on the second floor for lunch.

In 1980, the Albon Club moved to the Rainbow Hotel, and the owners asked Breuning to be manager, which he did for 15 years.

"I never started eating supper again," Breuning said.

He gets up at 6:15 a.m. and has a big breakfast every day at 7:30 a.m. Usually it's eggs, toast or pancakes.

"You can order anything you want, just like a restaurant," he said.

"I eat a lot of fruit every day."

Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer sent Breuning a fruit basket after a recent visit.

"Boy, I tell you that was good fruit. I ate the whole darn thing," Breuning said. "Peaches, pears, everything, it sure was good."

In addition to eating fruit every day, Breuning also takes a baby aspirin.

"Just one baby aspirin," he said, "but everybody gets that for their heart. That's the only pill I ever take, no other medicine."

And he drinks plenty of water.

"I drink water all the time," he said, and just a bit of coffee. "I drink a cup and a half of coffee for breakfast and a cup with lunch."

Breuning said he has been healthy all of his life and believes diet has a lot to do with it.

"If people could cut back on their normal weight, it wouldn't be quite so bad," he commented. "They just eat too much!"

Breuning remembers his family having a cow, pigs, chickens and a big garden when he was growing up, like most people did in those days.

"Everybody was poor years ago," he said. "When we were kids, we ate what was on the table. Crusts of bread or whatever it was. You ate what they put on your plate, and that's all you got," Breuning said.

Breuning recalls his mother being a good cook, though she died when she was 46 after an operation in Minneapolis. His wife was a good cook, too. They met when they worked in Butte for the railroad.

"Everything she made was good," Breuning said. "We used to have lots of card parties, and they would always say what a good cook she was."

While diet has contributed to his longevity, Breuning also believes that working hard was good for him.

"Work doesn't hurt anybody," he said, mentioning that he had two jobs, one working for the Great Northern Railway until he was 66 and the other as manager/secretary for the local Shriner's Club until he was 99.

These days, Breuning keeps busy talking with all of the people who visit the Rainbow Retirement Center interested in meeting the world's oldest man.

Though his vision doesn't allow him to read anymore, Breuning keeps his mind active by listening to the radio.

"My eyes are gone," he said, "but I listen to the radio. I get all my news on KMON."

Breuning started eating out 35 years ago, but said he doesn't anymore.

"Once you get used to not eating in restaurants, you don't want to anymore," he said. Besides, he'd rather eat at home, at the Rainbow Retirement Center.


A great book that endorses daylight eating is called "The Daylight diet" Paul Nison...
 Why it is best to eat only during the daylight hours?
In raw food leader Paul Nison’s new book, The Daylight Diet,
I found some exciting new pieces to the health puzzle: don’t
eat anything after sunset! Never eat when it is dark. Eat less
 food, and only two meals a day. If at all possible, eat breakfast
 in the third hour of daylight (usually around 8 to 9 AM) and
have your last meal six hours later, at the ninth hour of daylight
 (usually around 2 to 3 PM). Give up that bad habit of snacking.
What this does is give your digestive system a long rest between
 meals. Then after your late lunch/early dinner, you have about
 17 or 18 hours of fasting  which enables your b ody to cleanse and
 heal, doing its housecleaning. You also get a much, much deeper
sleep when your body is not trying to digest food while you rest.
Paul explains that there is a direct connection between the optic
nerve and digestion: “When sunlight hits the optic nerve, electrical
impulses are transmitted, activating many processes of the body,
including digestion. Nerve impulses send messages that tell the body
to produce certain enzymes, gastric juices, and other processes of
“Regardless of the food you eat, if you consistently eat when it is dark
 outside, your health will never thrive,” insists Paul. He evens states that
“it is far worse to overeat even high quality food, than to consume low
quality foods in small amounts. In other words, it’s the quantity that does
far more damage than the quality.” He explains that he used to eat 7,000
calories a day (yet only weighed 150 pounds, so obviously calories didn’t
count—some young men can get away with that!)
In order for this to succeed, you will need to cultivate new habits.
You can start by not eating after 6 PM and gradually reduce it till it is
earlier. Paul realizes this is difficult for those working graveyard shift,
but explains that it is thus called for a reason, and you should try to
work days if at all possible. You will also have to eat high nutrition,
since you will be consuming less food. Paul gives a formula for figuring
out the exact best times for you to eat, based on his years of experience
with this diet.
For the early eating and two meals, Paul cites historical health teachers,
including Dr. Dio Lewis from 1850 and Luigi Cornaro from the 1500s.
He quotes many others on the benefits of eating sparsely with high
nutrit ion. (Actually there have been hundreds of studies since the 1930s
that support this claim.) He cites the historical customs of eating this way in
Europe until the 1600s and goes into the history of how meals evolved.
As you may imagine, the Industrial Revolution was a major setback in our
eating routines.
You think it’s hard to eat less and earlier? Wait until you hear this: Paul
also wants us to give up TV, computers and video games for the last three
hours before we sleep. (OK, food yes—but the Internet? And night TV is
when I do my trampoline, yoga and facial exercises!) Paul explains how TV,
sugar, caffeine and computers create adrenal fatigue and also interfere with
In addition, there are chapters with information on the daily detox, monitoring
your health, how to deal with social situations, and a plan for how to get started.
I have already gone 7 months withou t eating after 6 PM, and have noted great
health and sleep benefits! But this book is inspiring me to make it 5 PM and later 4.
I am always looking for ways to get to the next level of superior health and found
this book very inspiring. Great work, Paul!
(This book review written by Victoria Bidwell from )

Beware of Irradiated foods! Although we are being told it is necessary to do so to destroy bacteria & viruses- this is not all thats being destroyed!

 Caution ,other so called raw foods such as almonds and cashews are also suspect of irradiation- know your sources/companies!