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 Never before in the history of man have we such illness among our domestic pets.
Prior to World War 1, most households fed their pets raw bones and table scraps.
Today everyone uses convenience foods, and pet food companies have become industry giants.
The life expectancy of our feline and canine friends is now less than half what it was 2-3 decades ago, for many breeds.
Skin and coat problems are so common that we accept them as unavoidable and just a part of life.

For years I frequented my local vet for my poor poodles’ deteriorating skin condition, not understanding the relationship between food and illness.

A fantastic site that offers all you need to know about your pet and healthcare is

This site states
“Live food is essential for good health, there is no other way to live disease free.
No matter who tells you a certain brand of dog/cat food is healthy, it’s not, it’s dead food, it has no enzymes, and no healthy bacteria.
All canines and felines were designed to eat raw foods (think about it, all wild animals have existed for thousands of years this way)
We are seeing disease conditions in animals that we did not see years ago- many of these can be traced to nutritional deficiency.”

Alfred Plechner D.V.M states “The most common and visible symptoms of nutritionally caused deficiencies are allergies of one kind or another. Because many commercial foods are woefully deficient in key nutrients, the long term affects of these foods make the animal hypersensitive to its environment.

Dr Francis M  Pottenger found that nutritional studies clearly showed that the regular diet of cooked or canned foods caused the development of chronic degenerative diseases and premature death.

Jeffery Levy D.V.M urges pet owners to switch to a natural home made diet, stop the shots, stop using drugs and eliminate flea and tick poisons. He suggests hawthorn tincture as an alternative.                                                                                                                                                               


Shirley’s site goes on to say,
“One example is a skin rash that is treated with cortisone. The rash and itching will no doubt go away quickly,
but some time later the patient begins to exhibit liver problems that were caused by the cortisone.
The liver symptoms are actually an expression of this suppressed imbalance on a deeper more interior level.”

Many things can be suppressive.

Vaccines and allopathic medicines are a major source of suppression, and cooked, processed pet foods filled
with salt and preservatives do nothing but harm to their immune systems.
Some pet food companies have been found to use dead, diseased, drugged, euthanized and disabled animals, along with by-products such as fish heads, hides, feathers, bones, road kill, and indigestible ingredients for animals,
such as corn, wheat and soy.

                                 GO RAW FOR OPTIMUM HEALTH

I have fed my two very beautiful, large as life Alaskan malamutes a high raw diet for over a year now and they are thriving.

With the exception of cooked rice, potato and occasional other cooked veggies, they’re loving every bowl of raw mince meat mixed with grated carrot, zucchini, cucumbers, cabbage, broccoli, , other vegies, ground flaxseeds, garlic, sometimes raw egg and alfalfa sprouts,
Raw chicken and fish, raw marrow bones and fruit, are all part of the great variety of raw foods they enjoy!

I am constantly stopped and told how healthy their coats look.
I believe the extra work involved in the meal preparation is nothing to compare with the investment of good health in return.

For best value I recommend buying bulk from your local pet Coop.

On the Central Coast?
Unit 2/15 Tathra St West Gosford, 02 4342 5002
I buy a 10kg box of mixed mince for $20 that has no preservatives, not been irradiated- as vacuum packed, pet mince sold in supermarkets, often is. 
Add finely chopped or grated vegetables,a little cooked brown rice/ cooked lentils, parsley and garlic, to your pets raw meat for a healthy meal.

This will last my two 40kg dogs for many meals. Convenient & quick? Make up a heap keeps for ages by freezing mixture in batches.

Go raw for Pets!
I believe I couldn’t give my gorgeous pets a better diet.

And our darling little boys get a feast of raw meats too.

For great info on the best diet for your Dog,Cat or Ferret check out
 For natural, organic, healthy food, bones, treats, supplements and Dr Billinghurst’s BARF diet, check out

 This site states
“Grains are not biologically appropriate for our pets” and “Ingestion of grains and other starchy foods contribute to most, if not all of the degenerative diseases”
I knew a friend who fed loads of bread to his dog, the poor dog was always scratching and was constantly plagued with allergies.
One day he decided to stop feeding his dog bread. You guessed it, no more allergies for fido!
Beware of tap water!
Like humans, tap water will greatly affect the health of our pets!
Chlorine, fluoride, and other hidden nasties in our water should not be a part of their healthy diet.
They deserve pure, unadulterated alkaline water, for optimal health and is as important as the food they eat.

An excerpt of an interview by Natural Hygenist/Raw food Advocate John Fielder:
What do you recommend for dog food? Raw meat and blended lettuce, like Dr. Bass?

I have kept dogs for many years and have always had healthy dogs. They were always fed raw meat and grated vegetables. I always made sure they were not overfed and that they had lots of exercise. At least one third of their diet should be vegetables. As with us human animals, they need fresh air, sunlight and exercise as well as raw food to keep well. And no, if the least we do is add blended lettuce I would consider this a very positive step.

In the course I have prepared a section on the keeping and care of domesticated animals.

Other than my own experience I have contact with a number of veterinarians as well as dog-breeders who have found this to be true also. In fact the veterinarians recommend that dogs which have cancer should be fed two thirds vegetables and one third meat. And with cats it is two thirds meat and one third vegetables.

The vegetables used are those which we as humans would normally eat in their raw state. Or should I say "can", as so many do not realise that there very few, if any of the foods which we normally cook, that could not be eaten raw. I must add a warning though, rhubarb, cassava (manioc) and a number of other tropical root vegetables are highly poisonous. Except for rhubarb, the others are traditionally washed and sometimes pounded and continually washed prior to being cooked to remove these poisons.

Our dogs have always eaten most of the fruits which we do too.

If the dogs have not been brought up with this type of food it is sometimes necessary to mince it all up together for them.

The best success Ive had with natural flea treatments is with NEEM OIL soap/shampoo

And a blend of essential oils  -Young living oils
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