Really raw?

Alot of products these days claim to be raw, but are falsely advertising. Who can you trust?          
Not all olives are raw. Not all raw nuts are raw, often they have been irradiated to extend shelf life!
And dried dates are often not dried dates but cooked in vegetable oil.
Always look for 'sundried' fruit as your safest bet its really raw!
There are some trustworthy companies/websites out there with some fabulous products, heres to name a few:  suppliers of raw cashews,Almonds,Raw Chocolate, Raw Olives, Raw crackers, Raw Nori sheets, maca, chia seeds, coconut oil, cacao beans etc Loving earth products: Cacao butter, Cacao nibs, Mesquite, Agave, Raw Chocolate fave! The coconut oil I recommend, best price, best value suppliers of another fabulous Organic Virgin coconut oil, as well as pH Litmus kits, ionizers for delicious cocoa butters

A good read about identifying raw nuts and the various processes:

Some other great companies:
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