Alissa Cohen
Heres an incredible testimony by Alissa Cohen, internationally recognised author, speaker, a raw fooder and raw food chef of 20 plus years, from her book-‘Living on live foods’.

“When I first went raw, I almost immediately noticed increased energy and a reduced need for sleep .Within weeks my aches and pains in my joints began to vanish. Then the most amazing thing happened, my back pain disappeared!
For fifteen years, I suffered from back pain. Often intense, sometimes mild but always there. I could hardly believe that it was finally and forever gone!
A few years prior to committing to a 100% raw food diet, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.
Fibromyalgia symptoms can be numerous. Its pains can be described as deep muscular aching, throbbing, shooting, and stabbing. Quiet often, the pain and stiffness are even worse in the morning. Jaw pain (TMJ), sleep disorders, fatigue, sensitivities to odours, noise, bright light, medication, various foods, restless leg syndrome, nausea, mood swings.
After changing my diet to include mostly raw foods but still continuing to include cooked foods into my diet at times, I felt a lot better. But I was never completely pain free. There was always some sort of pain in my joints or back. I suffered from headaches and low energy.
Since going 100% raw, I have had exactly zero symptoms of fibromyalgia. None.
And, amazingly enough, I no longer need to wear glasses in order to read!
And you know those little lows, or bouts of mild depression we all experience at times? Mine disappeared after a couple of weeks on a 100% raw food diet. No longer did I feel any underlying boredom, or inexplicable sad moments. Early on, whenever I’d go off this diet, it would only take a week for those moods to creep back. This astounded me.
I’ve always been a generally upbeat, happy person. But on raw food, I feel even clearer in my mind, more at peace with myself, more grateful for the gift of life. I don’t get upset as easily as I once did. Problem solving is a snap.
I truly feel as if a veil has been lifted from my eyes, allowing me to discover a beautiful new existence.
And that is why I maintain that this is so much, more than just a diet. I hesitate to call it a way of life, because that implies that an entire life change is necessary. It’s not! All you have to do is eat raw and living food. Everything else will take care of itself.

Once I went raw, I felt, for the first time in my life, completely liberated from food. I just don’t think about food the way I used to. I don’t plan my day around what I eat. I don’t agonise over whether I’M EATING THE RIGHT FOODS. I DON’T HAVE TO BECAUSE I KNOW THAT WHATEVER I CHOOSE TO EAT, IT’S JUST A GOOD CHOICE.
I don’t have food cravings anymore, and I don’t have that fear of wanting to eat and then not being able to stop.
The raw and living food diet will give you greater health, boundless energy, and increased natural beauty. And it will FREE YOU FROM THE BONDAGE OF FOOD!
There are so many benefits to this diet! I am constantly amazed at the changes I witness in my clients and in friends. I have seen people look like they’ve shed twenty years off their lives. I’ve seen previously sick people glow with superb health, all within a few months.

As the body begins to detox, the poisons and toxins are thrown into the blood stream, as the body tries too rid itself of them. That results in unpleasant sensations, and that is why you may feel worse before you feel better when you begin eating raw and living food. Detox symptoms may include headaches, nausea, skin rashes, and breakouts, colds, fever, fatigue, irritability, and the temporary increase of existing aches and pains.                                                                        

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Diabetes, arthritis, obesity, chronic fatigue, cancers, high blood pressure, diverticulitis..
I’ve seen people heal themselves from these diseases and many more.”
This is Alissas story from her book 'Living on live foods'.

What an inspiration! Alissa after opening up her second raw food restaurant in the U.S and doing very successfully, she recently announced the closure of both restaurants,
 Short clip on Alissa Cohens DVD Living on live foods 31/2 hrs of raw food preparation great value!
Grab a copy on www.rawpleasure.com.au  in Australia
Ann Wigmore
Ann Wigmore was a pioneer in the raw food movement in the early 50’s, who inspired a whole generation of raw fooder’s.
Ann was up until recently the director of the Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston, a non-profit making organisation which teaches people to grow and prepare foods for maximum health. Wigmore, when in her 80’s looked unbelievably younger, living on a completely raw diet, and would delight in telling her own rejuvenation story.
At the age of fifty she was ill, chronically fatigued and very old looking.
She began to experiment with raw foods and changed the way she was living. Within quite a short time her fatigue and illness vanished. Her greying hair began to return to its original dark colour. Her skin tightened as though she had had a face lift. She felt better and more energetic than she had ever felt in her life. Though many more conservative advocates of a high raw diet criticized her passion for wheat grass and what they considered to be her rather rigid conception of what a good diet is, there is no denying that her regime has rejuvenated her and thousands of other people who have sought her advice. It happens at the physiological and biochemical level as well. Most of the tests used to assess age-related change- serum cholesterol, serum lipids, blood pressure- reveal changes for the better.


Les Dyne (Founder of S.A.F.E- Burleigh Heads, Australia) www.safe.com.au
Les Dyne, founder of SAFE (Sustainable Agriculture and Food Enterprises) Australia, was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma in 1982.
The lymph nodes throughout his body were enlarged, as were his spleen, and there was a large tumour in his pelvic area.
Eight inches of his pelvic bone had decayed, and his left thigh muscle had wasted away.
After a few years of pursuing medical procedures, chemotherapy & radiation, Les began to research natural recovery alternatives.

He came to the sensible conclusion that these chemicals and radiation, were not what his body NEEDED TO HEAL!

His research led him to understand the power of 'Green Superfoods'.He began taking 12 teaspoons of powered green barley shoots daily.
Within 2 weeks, his energy levels were the best they had been in 4 years, after 3 months his pelvic bone had regenerated, and within 6 months the
tumour had completely disappeared.
Ron Lagerquist
This is an article from www.freedomyou.com      Healing through Fasting

My childhood came with a long list of allergies, weekly needles in the arm to keep asthma attacks in check.  I loved bananas but was severely allergic to them; throat would swell and itch every time I tested to see if I had outgrown the allergy.  Other raw foods would cause this in milder forms.  Red blotches of eczema often spread over my skin, even face.  
During my first long fast, I watched in amazement as eczema melted away.  After 20 days of fasting, lungs felt clear, I could breath deep without wheezing.  But greatest of all, my life-long hemorrhoid-curse packed their nasty bags and left.  Gone!  I cannot tell you how it felt.  Had to contain myself from not telling everyone.    
The first thing I tried eating after the fast was a banana.  You guessed it, I have been eating them by the bunches ever since.  The only eczema I get now is a small red spot under the left eye, the body’s friendly little reminder when my diet has slipped.    
Fasting intensifies healing as deep tissue and tired organs are repaired rapidly.
To heal illness the body must pull all of its resources toward cleansing and repairing by removing appetite and reducing or stopping digestion.  Wounded animals will fast, emerging to eat only after their injury or broken bones have healed. There are testimonies of people’s old wounds aching during a fast for the first time in years; unnecessary scare tissue is being broken down as fuel.  This is the reason why there is little desire to eat food when sick—the body wants to focus all of its resources on healing.
If you eat mainly cooked or processed food during sickness the body’s immune system is denied opportunity to operate at its full genius.  Most often instead of nutritious, health-giving food, the delicate tube and membrane structure is saturated with hospital food, cigarettes, coffee, alcohol, and drugs.   
Why does fasting have such a powerful effect on healing the body?  In the fasting state, the body scours for dead cells, damaged tissues, fatty deposits, tumors and abscesses, all of which are burned for fuel or expelled as waste.  Diseased cells are dissolved in a systematic manner, leaving healthy tissue.  The result is a thorough cleansing of the tubes, membranes and cellular structures.  Ingestion of mucus-forming foods clogs the body's microscopic tubes and membranes, all of which are the highways used by the immune system.  Fasting dissolves this internal mucus.  During a fast it is common for the nose, throat and ears to pass sticky mucus, clogging the sinuses.  Strands of mucus may be found in the stool after the first bowel movement.  There is a remarkable redistribution of nutrients in the fasting body.  It hangs on to precious minerals and vitamins while catabolizing on old tissue, toxins and inferior materials. 
The butterfly is a magnificent example of catabolism (tearing down) and anabolism (building up).  During metamorphosis the butterfly’s muscles and organs dissolve into a thick yellow solution.  All internal structures are torn down and rebuilt.  It emerges from the chrysalis, a new creation.  The miraculous aspect of metamorphosis as it occurs while fasting.  All substances needed for rebuilding come from within.  
During a fast, a metamorphosis occurs.  The body undergoes a tearing down and rebuilding of damaged materials.  For this reason fasting is famous for its ability to rejuvenate and give the body a more youthful tone.
Little scientific research has been done on the selective cannibalization associated with fasting.  Funny thing about medical research is they are able to decode DNA, but understanding how the body functions as a whole is hardly understood.  Long before man was able to gaze down a microscope, “cause and effect” was the only way things like the remedial effects of garlic could be discovered and incorporated into traditional medicines.  The testimonies of fasting are as ancient as the written word.  
Could you imagine how damaging fasting would be if the body were not discriminate about the cells it utilized for fuel?  Every time someone went on a diet instead of losing an overhanging belly, they were at risk of one of their organs being broken down.  No, the body is brilliant at selecting unnecessary tissue for fuel during the fasting state.  If not, Jesus would have died in the desert long before 40 days. 
The very fact man is able to go so long without any outside source of energy and remain healthy is testimony of the body's cunning to find internal fuel without damage to the functions of the whole system.  In fact the almost accidental side effect of this cunning is cleaning out years of waste and old tissue.  What a body God made for us! 

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Patricia Bragg

Within minutes of arriving in the conference room at Bragg Health Products and Books in Santa Barbara, Calif., she announces that her favorite color is pink and that she always wears a hat because actor Jack Lord – "you know, from Hawaii Five-0" – once told her:

"Patricia, you may be only 5 feet, but if you wear a hat you will be 6 feet."

She demonstrates exercises that have kept her feminine physique firm and youthful, and marches around the room, pumping her arms and legs like a drum major, drilling a visitor on the four pumps of the heart:

"Your two arms and your two legs. I always stand tall, walk tall and sit tall," she says, chin high, pink flip-flops slapping the floor.

"I’m a health and life coach. I love it, live it and preach it,"

she chants as she finally settles on a couch, both feet planted on the floor. "Never cross your legs, we’re not meant to sit like a pretzel and cut off vital circulation."

Although her words and actions may seem random, they’re as scripted as a Sunday sermon. Virtually everything Bragg does is part of her crusade as a health missionary – "saving souls physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually." Their marketing department put her face on the cover of the Bragg Health Books and on every bottle of Bragg Liquid Aminos and Apple Cider Vinegar sold by the company her father, Dr. Paul Bragg, founded in 1912. Her voice is as familiar as a mother’s to the millions of listeners of her wellness radio shows, but she reveals precious little about herself that doesn’t relate to her health crusade. Ask her age, and she throws her arms wide and joyously declares, "I’m ageless," quickly turning the subject to another favorite topic: celebrity devotees of the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle. "Tom Selleck says I keep him 39. The Beach Boys are ageless – they’ve followed us for over 40 years." Even to her close friends, she’s an enigma. "I’ve known her for over 30 years. She has a big heart, loves people, but I don’t think she’s taken a whole lot of time for Patricia the woman. All her energy goes into helping and healing people," says Paul Wenner, founder of Gardenburger and a fan of all things Bragg. Seeing a Bragg Crusade and reading their books cured him of his asthma when he was a teenager and Paul Bragg set him on his life’s health path.

"Patricia’s a gifted crusader, like a little medicinal butterfly going from flower to flower. She continually shares the Bragg health knowledge with everyone."

She grew up in a house where "people would go look in our cupboards for aspirin, coffee, white bread and sugar, and they wouldn’t find them. I never had a Coke. My dad taught me to see a skull and crossbones on a bottle of Coca-Cola and bad foods."

She once ate a Hershey bar, "but I got a terrible sore throat. I knew it was a sin," she says. Same with alcohol. "When I was 23, I drank a glass of champagne at a wedding, and I threw up," she says. My dad said, "You’re allergic to alcohol. It also dulls the brain and pickles the liver."

She’s never shaved her legs, painted her fingernails or worn makeup (occasionally only lipstick – "After 60, I just needed a little help," she says). Her father advised her to never wear a bra because it impedes circulation. But "everything still stands up by itself,"

she says proudly, demonstrating the pectoral exercises she does three times a day in two-minute sessions. She’s never pierced her ears ("It exposes nerve endings") and doesn’t wear a wristwatch because it can slow and even cut off circulation.

How to Live The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle

The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle has many wise components. Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts that Dr. Paul C. Bragg developed and Dr.

Patricia Bragg practices and preaches:

Don’t eat refined sugar, salty foods, white rice, white flour, fried foods, saturated fats or hydrogenated oils, coffee or caffeinated teas, sodas and drinks, pork, smoked fish and smoked meats, and all foods preserved with salt, sugar and chemicals.

Do allow 4 - 5 hours between meals so the digestive system has time to work, before eating more food. Chew thoroughly.

Don’t eat a big breakfast because it’s too difficult for the body to digest. Fresh fruit and blender energy pep drinks are excellent.

Do drink eight glasses of distilled or purified water daily, along with herbal teas and juices.

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                                                                                             Paul Nison interview

Do fast one day a week to cleanse and detoxify your system to help stay healthy.                            

Don’t drink cow’s milk and its products.

Do enjoy early or late gentle sunshine regularly, it has germ-killing and healing energy.

It’s best to get your protein from healthy vegetarian sources instead of meat.

Do make sure you have regular bowel movements (ample water, salads, etc. help).

Don’t rely on enemas or high colonics unless sick or extreme constipation.

Do exercise regularly, walk, swim, bike, etc.

Don’t "self-drug"; correct your problems with living a simple Healthy Lifestyle.

Do think positively, cultivating health, cheerfulness, happiness, kindness, charity and the love of familyand brotherhood.

Don’t neglect your sleep, get 8 hours nightly.

Do practice deep breathing throughout the day and always maintain good posture.

Do make every effort to improve yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually every day! – 3 John 2

Victoria Boutenko

My husband, our two youngest children and I have been eating only raw foods since January of 1994, more than 11 yrs.
(the book was written in 2005)

We went on this radical diet out of complete despair when our medical doctors didn’t leave us any chances to recover from our horrible illnesses.

 My husband, Igor, had been constantly ill since his early childhood. By the tender age of 17 he had already survived nine surgeries. Having progressive hyperthyroidism and chronic rheumatoid arthritis, at 38he was a total health wreck. I had to lace his shoes on rainy days because his arthritic spine would not bend. Igor’s heart rate was 140+ most of the time, his eyes were tearing on sunny days and his hands were shaky. Igor constantly felt fatigued and was in pain almost all the time. Igors thyroid doctor told him that he would die in less than two months if he would not agree to have his thyroid gland removed, His arthritis doctor told him to prepare to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

I was diagnosed with the same disease that took my father, arrhythmia, or an irregular heartbeat. My legs were constantly swollen from edema, I weighed 280 pounds and I was continually gaining more. My left arm frequently became numb at night and I was afraid that I would die and my children would become orphans. I remember always feeling tired and depressed.

Our daughter Valya was born with asthma and allergies and would often cough heavily all through the night. Our son Sergei was diagnosed with juvenile type 1 diabetes.

One day after crying through an entire night, I decided that we had to take different action if we wanted to get different results.

That was when we started to try various healing modalities and eventually arrived at the idea of becoming raw foodists. At the time we didn’t know anything about making fancy raw dishes or even that we could dehydrate flax crackers. Nevertheless by turning off the pilot in our stove and discontinuing all cooking, we were able to heal all our incurable, life-threatening diseases. Our health was improving so quickly that in three and a half months all four    of us ran the Bolder Boulder10K road race 40,000 other runners.

Even Sergei’s blood sugar stabilized due to his new diet and regular jogging. Since beginning to eat raw food , he has never again experienced any form of diabetic symptoms. We were greatly surprised not only by how quickly our health was restored to normal, but by how much healthier we were than ever before. We have described the detailed story of our miraculous healing in our book Raw Family: A true Story of Awakening.

After several years of being raw foodists, however, each one of us began to feel like we had reached a plateau where our healing process stopped and even somewhat began to go backwards. After approximately seven years on a complete raw diet, once in a while, more and more often, we started feeling discontent with our existing food program. I began to have a heavy feeling in my stomach after eating any kind of raw food, especially a salad with dressing. Because of that, I started to eat less greens and more fruits and nuts. I began to gain weight. My husband started to develop a lot of gray hair. My family members felt confused about our diet and seemed often to have the question, what should we eat.

In my family we strongly believe that raw food is the only way to go and therefore encouraged one another to maintain our raw diet no matter what, always coming up with new tricks. Many of my friends told me about similar experiences at which point they gave up being 100% raw and began to add cooked food back in their meals. In my family we continued to stay on raw food due to our constant support of each other.

A burning question began to grow stronger in my heart with each day. The question was, Is there anything missing in our diet?” The answer would come right away: Nope. Nothing could be better than a raw food diet.

Yet, however tiny, the unwanted signs of less than perfect health kept surfacing in minor but noticeable symptoms, such as a wart on the hand, or a gray hair, that brought doubts and questions about the completeness of the raw food diet in its present form. Finally when my children complained about the increased sensitivity of their teeth, I reached a state where I couldn’t think about anything else besides this health puzzle.

After many wrong guesses, I finally found the correct answer.

I found one particular food group that matched ALL human nutritional needs: greens.

The truth is in my family, we were not eating enough greens. Moreover we did not like them. We knew that greens were important, but we never heard anywhere exactly how  much greens we needed in our diet. We had only a vague recommendation to eat as much as possible. In order to find   out how much greens we needed to eat, I decided to study the eating habits of chimpanzees since they are the closest creatures to human beings. 
 Since this important discovery Victoria teaches around the globe the power of greens in the diet! www.rawfamily.com

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Jay Kordich’s Biography

Jay’s Mission Statement:

To enrich, motivate, inspire and empower people on a global level, to consume fresh juices on a daily basis that have literally transformed and helped heal my life in and on so many levels for the past sixty years.

In 1948, Jay’s entire life changed, as he contracted bladder cancer at the tender age of 25. A world class athelete and football star at USC, jay travelled across the United States to New York City to get well by world-renowned medical doctor, Dr. Max Gerson, who helped jay cure himself of bladder cancer. As a result, Jay’s life took a drastic turn for the better within only 3 months. From then on, Jay was infused with passion to teach all who would listen, taking him from one side of America to the other for over 40 years.

In 1989, Jay started his national television career, making appearances with his juicer, and by the end of 1990, everybody knew not only about Jay Kordich, but about JUICING!

Jay became beloved in America as the “FATHER OF JUICING” responsible for influencing hundreds of millions of people, with his award winning infomercial airing for over thirteen years. Jay’s mesage is about to get bigger and better!

Jay’s first book, The Juiceman’s Power of Juicing sold over 2 MILLION copies, and reached #1 New York Times Best Sellers list. His second book, this time, co-written with his wife, Linda Kordich is entitled: Live Foods Live Bodies. Live Foods Live Bodies is part of Jay’s new Multi-Media Program, which includes two beautiful one hour dvd’s from hawaii on why juicing is so important, and five cd’s that encompass jay’s entire message, from watching to listening to seeing and reading. This is Jay Kordich’s swan song, so to speak; his entire life’s 60 years of dedication to Living Foods, Juicing and Longevity.

  • Jay Kordich is known as a nationally syndicated speaker throughout America
  • Appeared in over 500 television shows; including national syndicated tv shows
  • Appeared in over 1,000 radio talk shows, inlcuding national syndicated radio shows
  • Appeared on the cover of

            USA TODAY

I love talking about the power and effect of living raw foods,
because they mean the end to pain and suffering with unnecessary diseases, and have given life back to many!

We pay such a high price for eating a diet devoid of vital nutrients.


Dr. Ritamarie tells you her story...

Dr. Ritamarie's Story:
I used to battle with my own body to get out of bed in the morning. It was the greatest effort to get my feet out of the bed. Then I would flop down on my pillow and fall back asleep.
I was only 20 years old.
I was fueling myself on caffeine and sugar and burning the candle at both ends. I was plagued by nagging symptoms like sinus congestion, heartburn, headaches and fatigue.
I couldn't have normal relationships with people. It felt like I was talking through a fog. My fuzziness didn't allow me to fully connect with them.
I was desperate for help, but I kept hitting dead ends with the medical system. One drug after another, even surgical procedures …all led me back to the same place.
This battle with my body went on for 8 years.
"Until I discovered the secrets that would give me back my life..."
One day, while at a particularly frustrating doctor's appointment, I asked the question that would forever change my life. I'd just had a workup to determine the cause of the riveting burning pain I felt every time I ate. He gave me the good news. “You don't have an ulcer.” I breathed a sigh of relief. That was good news.
“So what's causing the burning? “ I asked, expecting to get THE answer that would explain how to get rid of the pain. “We don't know, but since the ulcer medication gives you temporary relief, we'll write you another prescription and you can just keep taking it.“
I was crushed. No answers, just a drug to treat a condition that I didn't even have! It made no sense to me.
Then I asked the million dollar question. “Could it be my diet?” At the time, I didn't know much about nutrition, yet I knew enough to recognize that my diet was probably not ideal. I lived on Pringles, ice cream, bagels, chips and candy bars. I yo-yo dieted all the time. 
After my binges would expand my waistline further than I was comfortable with, I'd do a crash diet or a starvation regime until the pounds dropped away and then I'd start again. I'll never forget the answer the doctor gave me on that fateful day. “Of course not. Diet doesn't have anything to do with how you feel.”
Well, I was no nutritional genius back then, but I was smart enough to question what I'd been told, and thus began my quest for the solutions that would give me back my life.
I began to read and experiment. I looked for someone who could help me, guide me, teach me, but back in the 1980's there were not a lot of alternative practitioners.
I was left to find my own way.
I began to experiment with special diets, exercise routines and supplements. I eliminated this food and that, hoping for a solution. 
After a while, I did start to see some changes. Yet nothing helped for more than a few days at a time. I was lost and confused. It was overwhelming.
Until one day, when I met an angel of a man at a gas station. He recommended a book introduced to me the concept of detoxification.
I did a 28 day water fast and followed up with a raw food diet. The results were astonishing. Symptoms that had been plaguing me for most of my life disappeared as if by magic.
I felt phenomenal. My skin was glowing, and my energy was thru the roof…without all the stimulants. The brain fog cleared and and I was able to connect to people more deeply than I'd ever dreamed possible.
The doctors never told me there was a REAL SOLUTION to what was happening to my body.
I left my career in the computer industry and embarked on an educational path that would last a lifetime. I knew how much benefit I'd received from fasting, yet I also knew that very few people would be able to do exactly what I did. SO I had to find a more realistic approach to detoxification that you can do at home.
Decades of research and experimentation and hundreds of thousands of dollars later I can now offer you such a program.
If I had this kind of support when I was struggling, I would have saved myself over a decade of research and at least $50,000 in healthcare costs...not to mention the $250,000 I've invested in my education to find the answers.
Now that you know my story, you can probably understand why my goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to get the health, energy and vitality you’re looking for.
We have no doubt that this 6-Week Deep Tissue Detox program will take your health and understanding about nutrition to a whole new level, and it’s only natural that you may be asking yourself a few questions right now:
“Some people say detox is 'quakery.' It doesn’t seem very 'natural' 
to detox. Wasn't the liver designed to cleanse and detoxify the body?”
~ No way, José! ~
The liver is designed to neutralize toxins as they enter or are created by your body. Unfortunately, the liver is NOT designed to handle the incredible volume of toxins in our modern day world. 
Industrial wastes, hormone inhibitors in plastics, formaldehyde in carpets, VOCs in paints and varnishes, pesticides on your food… You get the picture.
There is only so much your poor liver can handle, and when it gets overloaded, the excess needs to be stored somewhere, so it slows down your metabolism and uses your blood sugar to create fat to store the toxins. And the fat is stored not just in your visible fat layers--it becomes part of the fatty layers surrounding your nerve cells, and starts slowing you down.
“Will I have to spend a fortune on fancy tests to determine my allergies or sensitivities before starting on this detox?”
Not only is it unnecessary to make expensive testing your first step, it could be a waste of your time! Here’s what the doc has to say about the subject:
I've had a lot of experience with allergy testing. In fact, I used to do it all the time. Until I started noticing very strange results. For example, my husband is deathly allergic to soy. It causes his throat to close up just by ingesting a tiny amount. His blood allergy test showed soy as a borderline allergen. I've tested myself many times with many labs over the years and come up with different results each time. I know I’m sensitive to gluten yet it didn’t show…but salmon did and I hadn’t eaten it in 20 years.
Other findings over the years with patients were similar. It was good as a baseline, but many people showed up with LOTS of allergens. Why? 
Leaky gut!!
Several colleagues did split testing, meaning they sent the same person’s blood in separate vials under separate names-- and they got different results.
Perhaps some labs are better than others, but it’s expensive.
Plus if someone gets tested and shows negative for dairy or sugar or wheat or something that is not good for them even if they aren’t sensitive, they then feel like it’s ok to eat it.
The approach we use in the 6-Week Deep Tissue Detox approach has evolved to cleaning up the diet, fixing the leaky gut, cleansing and de-stressing BEFORE allergy testing. In most people these approaches clear things up nicely. In others, further evaluation is needed.
“But isn’t detox supposed to be uncomfortable, painful and difficult to do?”
I’m sure you’ve heard about headaches, diarrhea and general discomfort that many people associate with "detox". Well, the fact is, most people are coming to eliminate toxins from the body because they are already suffering with bloating, irritability, mood swings, poor digestion and weight gain.
Sometimes the only way out is through, but the fact is, detox doesn’t need to be a painful or uncomfortable process. It can be gentle, energizing and comfortable. Especially when it’s done with guidance, gentle food transitions and carefully chosen herbal support to assist the body’s natural processes.
“If I do this detox, will I be ‘cleaned out’ for once and for all?”
You are constantly taking in toxins by the way you live, think and choose your food. It’s an unavoidable fact: toxins happen. If you are ready and willing to regularly eliminate your toxins, you will be WAY ahead of the game. The truth is that it would be a VERY good idea if every year you carried out a deep tissue detoxification like the one you’re going to do here.
While we cannot prevent toxicity from happening in the body, if you don’t take the time to eliminate stored toxins, you’re carrying a heavy and increasingly heavier toxic load over time. The only way to reduce the burden is to release the toxins through a deep tissue detox, exercise, saunas and some of the other elimination methods you’ll do in this program.
“Why shouldn’t eating a healthy diet that is high in raw food be enough to keep me healthy?”
Many people think of a detox as a "cleanse," like a week on fruits and veggies, or a juice feast or water fast. While doing these short cleanses are a great idea, sometimes eating fruits and vegetables is not powerful enough to eliminate the years of toxic overload that's been tucked away in your fat cells, your nerve sheaths and in your vital organs. Sometimes you just have to go a little deeper to eliminate the stored toxins, heal your damaged gut and restore your youthful glow.
If you've been living for years on a relatively "healthy diet" with lots of fruits and veggies, but still don’t feel like you’re at your optimum, then chances are very good toxins stored deep in your are holding you back from feeling YOUR BEST!
“Couldn’t I just do an extended water fast?”
Tera says:
"C'mon, if you had 40 days to spend on a tropical island, would you want to eat nothing but water and feel too weak to walk along the beach?
As self-employed, busy moms of two we're lucky to take a weekend off, never mind 40 days followed by a two-week recovery period. For us, and most of the people we know out there, this option is out of the question."
The Dr. talks:
"While we'd certainly recommend going away to a supervised cleansing center to someone with cancer, for the average toxic person this is not necessary. The aftermath is often a program to rebuild the strength and stamina lost during such a strict regime. It's possible to create an environment with reduced toxin exposure and nutritional support for the cleansing and healing process while maintaining an active lifestyle. We've done it and we've guided many people just like you to do it, too."
www.sixweekdetox.com  for more info, or

www.drritamarie.com   Dr Ritamarie Loscalzo MS,DC,CCN

The truth is, you don’t have to die prematurely!
Science today has confirmed that through the process of cell division, which can take place between 50-55 times,
humans are capable of living up to 120 years old if they nourish and feed their incredible bodies correctly!
That’s incredible, and this is the actual age that God said in Genesis 6:3 that man should live until.

So give those life giving foods a go.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away..
Three apples a day flushes the heavy metals away!