Drugs are not the answer

                                 ..over 100 hundred years ago many laughed when he invented the light globe, recorded sound and the 1st motion picture…                                          
                   and said he saw a vision that “the doctor of the future would give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet,
                                                                          and in the cause and prevention  of disease”- Thomas Edison

Do you realize that whenever you pop a pill, that medicine does not address the problem?
 Antacids for example, simply go and turn off the body’s warning sensors that are indicative of a potential problem, not fixing the cause at all.

Drugs are designed to temporarily eliminate the discomfort, in absorbing the symptoms. If the cause is continually ignored, your body continues to degenerate without feeling it.
At this rate you will be headed for a chronic breakdown.

Don’t just turn off the alarm clock!
If we liken our human bodies to a car, we have certain ‘gauges’ that are designed to indicate when something’s just not right! Now I’m not a mechanic (my husband is!) but I understand that we must keep our eye on the temperature gauge if we want the car to perform and last the distance. If this gauge was ignored we could end up with a blown head gasket.

Thus is the purpose of pain in our bodies.
Pain is unpleasant; however it is indicative of a problem we need to address. Many of us are in the habit of simply popping a pill when we’re feeling ill, taking no thought as to what our bodies are trying to tell us.
People generally want an easy fix!
Next time you reach for  pills  to ease your headache, remember this, ELIMINATION OF THE SYMPTOM IS NOT THE SAME, AS ELIMINATION OF THE PROBLEM.
One example is a skin rash that is treated with Cortisone. The rash and itching will probably go away pretty quickly after application,. Some time later the patient begins to exhibit liver problems that were caused by the cortisone. The liver symptoms are actually an expression of this suppressed imbalance, on a deeper, more interior level.

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Medicines do not address the problem. They suppress the problem.They address the fruit, not the root!

The following is an interesting article written by Rev George Malkmus’ (founder of Hallelujah Acres) in a recent ‘health tips’ article:
In last weeks health tip we shared excerpts from Chapter 3 of Mike Adams’ book NATURAL HEALTH SOLUTIONS. Mike Adams is a champion of consumer protection and health freedom. His book, Natural Health Solutions, is an explosive review of pharmaceutical companies, the FDA and conventional medicine. In the book he exposes the junk science, corruption and crime that characterize medicine today. (This book is available from Hallelujah Acres by calling 1-800-915-9355.)

Chapter 3 of Natural Health Solutions is titled “BIG PHARMA.” Following are a few of the excerpts I shared last week from that book:  
“Corporate-sponsored disease is a triumph of marketing over science...it has long been a tactic of pharmaceutical companies to try to increase the number of people who can be prescribed their drugs. They lobby for problems previously seen as social or cultural to be redefined as disorders that would benefit from drug therapy...Disease mongering is harming individuals and health services. It is a juggernaut that needs to be stopped” – New Scientist magazine, April 15, 2006
“If you’re a drug company, you can’t expand your revenues simply by selling the same drugs to the same group of sick people. To really make an earnings breakthrough, you have to find a way to sell drugs to EVERYONE. Enter the concept of disease mongering.
“Disease mongering is the practice of medicalizing every possible human behavior or physiological function that can be identified. From fear of public speaking to pregnancy, almost every human mood, emotion, condition, or behavior is now considered a disease of one kind or another.
“The sole purpose of disease mongering, of course, is to sell more high-profit prescription drugs. Since drugs are only demanded by consumers who are convinced they’re suffering from some sort of disease, the obvious strategy for expanding Big Pharma sales is the expansion of disease definitions in a way that encompasses practically everyone...
We will now pick up on page 89, in Chapter 3, of Mike Adams’ book:
(Pages 89-93) “Conventional medicine has virtually NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER IN PREVENTING DISEASE.
Rather, the industry remains focused on screening for disease (which it calls “prevention” but actually just late-stage detection) and then managing disease.
This is the approach that generates profits:
“DISEASE “MONGERING”: convincing someone they have a new, fictitious disease as an excuse to justify more prescription drug sales.
“DISEASE “SCREENING”: recruitment of new patients into a disease diagnosis.
“DISEASE “MANAGEMENT”: ongoing treatment of patients without curing them.
“It is this approach of DISEASE MONGERING + DISEASE SCREENING + DISEASE MANAGEMENT that maximizes profits for drug companies. . . . By marketing a fear of a fake disease...you create an addicted and steady customer base.
“The greatest threats to the profits of Big Pharma are:
“PREVENTING DISEASE : teaching people how to avoid cancer, diabetes, etc.
“CURING DISEASE: reversing or eliminating disease.
“EMPOWERING PATIENTS THROUGH EDUCATION: exposing the myths of conventional medicine and giving patients new choices in improving their health. . . .


”There are many other diseases that are given misleading names by Western medicine. But if you look around the world and take a look at how diseases are named elsewhere, you will find that many countries use disease names that actually make sense.

“For example, in Chinese medicine, Alzheimer’s disease is given a name that means, when translated, “old person’s feeble mind disease.” In Chinese medicine, the name of the disease provides more information, whereas in Western medicine, the names of diseases seems to be designed to obscure the root causes, thereby making diseases sound far more complex and mysterious than they really are.

“This is one way in which doctors and practitioners of Western medicine keep medical treatments out of the reach of the average citizen. They sure don’t want people thinking for themselves about the CAUSES of disease.

“By creating a whole new vocabulary for medical conditions, they can speak their own secret language and make sure that people who aren’t schooled in medicine don’t understand what they’re saying. That’s a shame, because the treatments and cures for virtually all chronic diseases are actually quite simple and can be described in plain language, such as making different food choices, getting more natural sunlight, drinking more water, engaging in regular physical exercise, avoiding specific food toxins, supplementing your diet with selected nutritional supplements, and so on. . . .


“To be effective in boosting public health, we need to start describing health conditions in terms of their root causes, not by their arcane, biochemical actions. When someone suffers from seasonal affective disorder or clinical depression, for example, let’s call it what it is: Sunlight Deficiency Disorder. To treat it, the person simply needs to get more sunlight. This isn’t rocket science, it’s not complex, and it doesn’t require a prescription.

“If someone is suffering from osteoporosis, let’s get realistic about the words we use to describe the condition: it’s really Brittle Bones Disorder, and it should be treated with therapies that enhance bone density, such as NUTRITION, PHYSICAL EXERCISE, and AVOIDANCE OF FOODS AND DRINKS THAT STRIP AWAY BONE MASS FROM THE BODY.

“Don’t believe the names of diseases given to you by your doctor. Those names are designed to obscure, not inform. THEY ARE DESIGNED TO SEPARATE YOU FROM SELF-HEALING, not put you in touch with your own INNER HEALER. And thus, they are nothing more than bad medicine masquerading as modern medical science.


“Even though most so-called ‘diseases’ really don’t exist at all, it is the aim of conventional medicine promoters to convince you that they do. Once you have been labeled with a fictitious disease, you’re easy prey for a system of treatments that almost never addresses the underlying cause of the ‘disease’ in the first place. And once you enter such a system of treatment, usually with prescription drugs or surgery, you will soon find yourself trapped in a never-ending chain of expensive treatments that pile on one chemical after another in a futile effort to chase the symptoms of disease in your body without actually solving the underlying cause.

“People fall for these disease labels all too easily. People will tell you the most amazing things when it comes to disease labels. They’ll say, ‘I’m bipolar,’ or ‘I’m diabetic.’ It’s as if they associate their very identity with a disease name. And once they accept the disease as part of who they are, it’s virtually impossible for them to ever imagine a future without that disease. Thus, they are psychologically trapped in a system of disease ‘management’ rather than disease elimination, and they will even parrot the words they’ve been told by their doctor: ‘I’m diabetic, and there is no cure for diabetes.’ Wow, what a brain hack!

“All these diseases, of course, are treated with prescription drugs. But are they really caused by a lack of prescription drugs? Is high cholesterol caused by a lack of statin drugs? Of course not! Then why do doctors prescribe statin drugs to treat high cholesterol?

“The answer is because that’s what they’re taught to do in medical school and Continuing Medical Education classes, the majority of which are sponsored by drug companies. If statin drugs actually cured high cholesterol, then you’d be able to take them for a while, cure the problem, and stop taking the drugs. But that’s not what happens. Stop taking statin drugs and you cholesterol skyrockets back to previous levels. Clearly, the drug is just hijacking your biochemistry, artificially suppressing one measurable number in your lab results, without actually solving your problem long term. And using chemicals to hijack your biochemistry makes no more sense than coating your brown lawn with green paint when the real problem is simply a lack of water.

“In the meantime, these drugs are CREATING a whole host of other problems in a downward spiral of disease management. The side effects of statin drugs can be devastating, for example. For starters, they interfere with normal, healthy cholesterol production by the liver. This inhibits the creation of CoQ10 (a crucial nutrient for cell energy) as well as hormones such as vitamin D. Without vitamin D (which is normally manufactured by your skin in response to healthy sunlight exposure), you cannot absorb calcium, which may ultimately lead to calcium deficiency. With a calcium deficiency, you may find yourself diagnosed with osteoporosis or heart disease, then put on even more expensive prescription drugs. And so the chain of fictitious diseases and dangerous prescription drugs continues.


Even when drugs actually ‘work’ (that is, when they achieve the desired biochemical effect), they are almost always treating the symptoms of disease, not the causes. High cholesterol is a symptom of an underlying health problem (usually dietary, by the way), but cholesterol drugs merely try to block cholesterol production by the liver, thereby ‘controlling’ one measurable number at the expense of all the other harm being caused by the drug. Sure, your cholesterol might be artificially manipulated and appear to be in healthy range while you’re on the drug, but in truth YOU’RE NO HEALTHIER THAN BEFORE because the root cause of the cholesterol problem (your diet and lack of exercise, probably), is still present.

“Sadly, much of conventional medicine is a scam, a gimmick. It is an outdated system of medicine based on the invention of completely fictitious diseases for the sole purpose of marketing high-profit drugs to people who don’t need them. This isn’t to say that there aren’t useful drugs in the industry. Insulin is clearly very important for type 1 diabetics (and many acute type 2 diabetics also). Antibiotics can be lifesavers, and even statin drugs can temporarily address acute, dangerous cholesterol levels that could cause a sudden heart attack. But the real push of drug companies, now and into the future—the agenda that healthy people should take multiple prescription drugs every day for life in order to treat diseases that don’t even exist—IS NOTHING LESS THAN A DISEASE MONGERING SCAM played out across the stage of modern medicine. Meanwhile pharmaceutical stock prices continue to climb, and CEO compensation is more ludicrous every year...
Then the last week of January 2008, the FDA announced that they have been investigating many various types of medications for the potential of causing suicide. After learning that antidepressants increase suicidal potential by 2-3 times, suddenly the FDA officials realized that multiple classes of medicines might cause dangerous psychiatric problems, including suicide. Medicines to treat acne, hypertension, high cholesterol, swelling, heartburn, pain, bacterial infections and insomnia can all cause psychiatric problems, effects that were discovered in most cases after the drugs were approved and used in millions of patients.

                                                                                             A good diet is the best form of preventative medicine!