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The Earth is a miracle!

These are the words of a gospel singer, Carman:

“93 million miles from the blistering surface of the sun
hangs the planet earth
A rotating sphere perfectly suspended in the centre of the universe

The ultimate creation from and infinite mind
an unbelievably intricate, complex design
a supernatural testimony, and irrefutable sign…THAT THERE IS A GOD

The size, position and angle of the earth is a scientific phenomenon to see
a few degrees closer to the sun we’d disintegrate, a few degrees further we’d freeze

The axis of the earth is tilted at a perfect 23 degree angle
and its no mistake that it is,
this allows equal global distribution to the rays of the sun
making it possible for the food chain to exist

Or take for example the combination of nitrogen and oxygen in the atmosphere we breathe every day
it just happens to be the exact mix that life needs to prosper,
it doesn’t happen on any other planet, that way
You see, the bible says the invisible things of God are clearly seen through his creation,
to believe this is not hard
if there is a design, there’s a designer, if there’s a plan, there’s a planner, and if there’s a miracle, there is a God…”(the song goes on but that’s all for now)

I believe the human body is perfectly designed too, an exquisite creation, capable of protecting and defending itself, and is all part of the grand design-
Here lies the problem:
Pollution, toxins, stressful lifestyles, questionable farming practices – all these affect our health.

There are more than 75,000 chemicals added to our environment since 1930,
These chemicals are not native to our planet, and not native to us!

Thus the need, to detox and replenish.

This is why I am so passionate about the raw food lifestyle.
The healing power of raw fruits, vegetables, seeds, nut and sprouts are well known across the world today...and why wouldn’t they!
These are the naturally occurring nutritious foods put on our planet to sustain all life.

I can’t understand how anyone could call nutritional therapy ‘quackery’, but they do.
Thousands of thousands are alive today, after being given a death sentence, but discovered the genius, of back to the garden.

There  are three great DVDs called ‘Dying to have known’-trailer above, The Beautiful truth and The Gerson Miracle-trailer below.
These fabulous documentarys on the Gerson Therapy, and the power of raw foods and juicefasting, are a MUST SEE to anyone you know may have cancer!

By giving the body living foods, rich in vital nutrients, the immune system is then able to begin to heal the body of disease.
Most of the deadly diseases today are just simply a result of multiple nutritional deficiencies,
and what’s called ‘non-curable’, in the eyes of conventional medicine- are not necessarily so in the field of natural alternatives!

                                                                                                                      The Gerson Miracle-

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                                                                                      The Beautiful Truth

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