The Importance Of Enzymes

When you take a raw apple and eat it, you are eating that apple with all the enzymes that are necessary to digest it.

If however you cook that apple and eat it, you have destroyed all the vital enzymes needed for digestion.
This ‘enzymeless’ food, then puts a heavy burden on your body to complete digestion.
Your pancreas has to begin to produce enzymes that weren’t supplied with the food, and this stress of creating and replacing enzymes meal after meal, day after day, year after year greatly contribute to the aging process!
There are 3 types of enzymes: Metabolic enzymes, Digestive enzymes and Food enzymes.
Enzymes are also required for every single chemical action that takes place in the body.
Your digestive tract, your immune system, your blood system, liver, kidneys, spleen, and pancreas, as well as your ability to think, feel, see and hear, in fact the function of each  and every cell in your body all depend on enzymes.


“A person’s life span is directly linked to the exhaustion of their enzyme potential” says Dr Howell, author of Enzyme Nutrition.
This term was coined by Dr. Edward Howell, pioneer in the study of enzymes, and author of Enzyme Nutrition. He proved that individuals have a fixed number of enzymes available for them to "spend." When an individual's digestive enzymes are depleted or are deficient, the process of digestion must be accomplished by "borrowing" from the metabolic enzymes, putting undue stress on the rest of the system. Whenever foods are eaten which are devoid of enzymes, withdrawals from the bank account are made. Most people make regular withdrawals without replenishing.


Dr Janet Macarro, PhD. states that by 40 yrs old, the majority of people have an enlarged pancreas, due to the overwork of making enzymes, to break down the food that they eat.


Today we hear a lot more people finding out that they have pancreatitus and cancer of the pancreas, is there any wonder when we continually persist to put in our bodies, cooked and highly processed foods?


                                                             By comparison a raw food meal, loaded with enzymes, leaves you light and full of energy.



Here is a recent article from the Hippocrates Health  Institute News Letter, about the importance of enzymes:


                                                                                                               Nature’s Life Force, Enzymes


Enzymes have finally reached front and center in the annuals of scientific research.  They have previously been relegated to the lowly position as just another protein.  There is an ever growing group of quantum biologists who fully understand that the exterior physical makeup of an enzyme is protein based, although, on the other hand, the purpose for an enzyme is astonishing and literally the spark of all life.  Dr. Anna Maria Clement and I spent some invaluable time several years ago working with an electron microscope in the pursuit of observing a wide selection of enzymes.  In every case, when they were split open an actual electrical charge was observed.  We concluded that these remarkable elements are the most important nutrient that our bioelectric bodies require.  Far more than proteins, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, which only have the ability to nourish and create the structural part of our physical being, electric life force is the very heart of our true persona.  It must be our foremost objective to consistently acquire electrically charged enzymes to maintain an adequate and significant level of high frequency.   


The academic community is quite lost when it comes to understanding the role enzymes play.  If you look up the word “enzyme” in most medical dictionaries, it describes these “powerhouses” as the catalyst of all life.  In classrooms we train our burgeoning scientists that an enzyme is a building block rather than the fuel that ignites life.  When a sperm and egg unify, it is actually an enzyme activity that starts human life.  Ironically, after our last breath, it is an enzyme activity that breaks our physical bodies down to once again join the earth.  I often think of enzymes as little gatherings of life force that fuse the continuum of all that we call living.  They give and take on all levels, including health and longevity.  In not too many years, enzymes will be considered as important as other nutrients.  Some 80 years ago, Dr. Howell, the most prominent enzyme researcher in history, began to demystify our knowledge about these extraordinary molecules.  Today, there are many scientists worldwide who have built on his foundational wisdom and scientific verdict.  Here at the Hippocrates Health Institute, we consider enzymes to be one of the four legs supporting the table of physical health.  Hormones, oxygen, and phytochemicals precede enzymes.  Independently and combined, these elements, when properly consumed, afford us maximum levels of health. 




Health Hint:

The point I am trying to stress here is not so much the necessity to become a raw foodist, but to understand that fresh fruit and vegetables are by far the healthiest, wisest choice for our bodies.


Start by taking massive raw food action today.You may even benefit from taking a trip down to your local health food shop and grabbing a bottle of digestive enzymes!


P.S Dead foods spend enormous amounts of energy, leaving you tired and irritable.