The protein confusion

About Protein
FOOD FACT: Protein is formed by building blocks called Amino acids.                                                                      
All living plant foods contain Amino Acids (Protein)

There are approximately 22 different kinds of amino acids, 8 of which are not manufactured by the body.
These 8 are called essential amino acids. You may not really need to know this but they are: Valine, Leucine,
Isoleucine, Lysine, Tryptophan Methionine, Phenylalanine, Histadine.

It’s a myth that plants are low in protein and that plant proteins are incomplete protein.

The truth is we really don’t require as much protein as we’ve been told.
The ideal intake for a human being is 20-40grams per day, where the average American consumes 90-120 grams of protein a day!

Protein confusion, we all suffer from it.
This is simply because we received the same training at school- now we need to unlearn!

Yes we do have to have protein, as it is a very essential nutrient.

Here is what Susan Powter says in her fun book called Food
"At school we were all taught the charts- the basic four, the milk/meat theory and its all wrong!
The concept that we can only get quality protein from two of the basic four…wrong, all wrong.
We all know now that conventional meat is very high in toxins. We also know for sure that the diets high in what use to be called the best foods, are directly connected to heart disease, many forms of cancer, kidney damage, kidney stones, osteoporosis, obesity and many other diseases."

Recently my doctor told me I need to eat chicken for protein because a Vegan diet was not sufficient, and yet, I have come to learn that virtually all unrefined foods, are loaded with proteins.
Rice is 8 percent protein, as well as oranges. Potatoes are 11 percent, beans 26 percent.

Protein deficiency is almost unknown in humans worldwide, but protein excess, is a real problem in developed societies.

Guess who’s selling us the high protein theory? Of course the Meat and dairy industry!

Steve Pavlina, author of a popular website and blog, dedicated to personal development says, “According to the Max Plank institute, 25g of protein per day is plenty. The human body recycles most of its protein and has little need for dietary protein. There are tribes of extremely healthy people who thrive on 10-20grams of protein a day. Excess protein does far more harm than good. 
Who benefits from the perpetuation of the protein myth? The meat, the dairy and the protein supplement industries and their advocates.
One of the strongest proponents of a high protein diet was Dr Atkins, who had a heart attack, slipped on the sidewalk, and later died of kidney failure! 
At the time of his death he was obese 255lbs/116kgs. Later his company declared bankruptcy.”


Essential nutrients; 20-21 minerals; 13 vitamins; 8 amino acids ( 10 for children); and 2 essential fatty acids; a source of energy (most commonly starch or glucose);enzymes; coenzymes; antioxidants; phytonutrients; and of course- Water; Oxygen; Light.

Our body cannot make these 50+ factors, but must have them to live, function properly and be healthy, and we must remember all nutrients are destroyed, damaged and deranged by the heating process! This is not new news; scientists have known this for more than forty years.

We often forget that our every single cell, hair, fingernail, tooth, eyelash, is made from the food we eat.

What would you give for fewer colds/allergies, more energy, a slender body, a sharper mind, clear skin, better digestion, and slashed risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, gallstones, infections, and premature death?
No drug or surgery or supplement can give you all these.
But a natural diet and lifestyle can.