This is your life- treat yourself right!

T.C Fry once said 
"If you want to enjoy happy well being ,you must take steps that build vigorous, sickness free health!

No one else can do it for you. Health is self built, not conferred from without.
For most overcoming disease can be simple and easy.

Discontinuing the causes of disease and establishing the conditions of health will eliminate the disease symptoms.

The first commandment of eating is this:  
Building health consists of meeting all of life's needs appropriately
We all need 7-8hrs sleep but do we get it?
We all need a day off each week to do absolutely nothing ( this is by Gods order) but do we do it?
We each need 4 consecutive weeks, for a holiday each year, but do we take it?
We should, if we want to care for ourselves and live long and prosper!

I have never appreciated this rule as much as today. For years I treated myself like a robot, and as I say 'a human doing, not a human being'.
You will not always get away with it, the Bible states 'We reap what we sow', deny ourselves these fundamental laws of wellbeing, and you will certainly come crashing in a heap!
Stress will kill you, it will drain all joy and suck the life right out of you. Not to mention destroy relationships and cost you dearly.
Dont just do something, SIT THERE! 

Get outdoors,get back to nature, its such therapy.
I'm not telling you anything new, but will you take responsibility and begin to really look after yourself?
I am paying the price in my body for years of neglect and I don't really know how long it will take to return to my former self.
I eat as well as I know to, and yet still horrible symptoms plague my body. I know without a doubt that had it not been for my healthy diet (and my Faith in God) 
I wouldnt even be here to tell my story. 
So its with a breaking heart I cry 'Look after yourself well. There's nothing selfish about looking after yourself'
Heres a few words from Dr Virginia Vetrano D.Sc.
'Unfortunately, people in great places, who do great things, seem to be the very first ones who are taken first,
simply because they are programmed so strongly to achieve their goals that they forget 'self', and even the principles they espouse.'

No matter how much we try to control various aspects of our lives, there will always be toxic elements in it beyond our control - for example, in the air we breathe! If we ensure that we score highly on non-diet health factors, such as sufficient sunshine, fresh air, rest and sleep, we should be able to maintain sufficient energy to eliminate these toxins as they come along without any serious symptoms. But if we are so driven in one aspect of our lives (for example - our careers, however world-serving they are) that we ignore those factors, and particularly if we become stressed, our energy will be so reduced that we may succumb to illness - however good our diet!
We must work hard to reduce stress and get sufficient rest & sleep.
And by rest I mean we could lay out in the early sun for at least 30mins a day,  doing nothing should be on our 'to do list' every single day....
I know thats easier said than done but if we begin to prioritize the need to keep in peace & rested each & every day, practice always makes permanent! 

The sun is not your enemy, the junk food you feed your body is your enemy! If we were eating a living foods diet we would be naturally protected from the dangerous rays of the sun. In fact a deficiency  of Vit c & Bs is primarily the reason we burn. Of course Im not condoning the bathing all day in peak time, but I understand that with all the bad media about sun cancers/damage, we have done ourselves a terrible mis-service. Did you know its the bad fats/transfats in our diet that is largely responsible for sun cancer?
And then theres the chemically laden sunscreens that we embalm ourselves in and allow the sun to drive it straight into our bloodstream!

We need the sunshine for Vit D and calcium absorption. Dont neglect it!
Dr Mercola states more people are dying from a lack of sun than damage done by it!

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