Wholefood signatures

I received a really wonderful e-mail a while back, you may have too, entitled Whole Foods Signatures.
It’s based on the idea that whole foods and plants have patterns that resemble body organs or physiological functions. This was known in civilizations past as the “Doctrine of Signatures”. According to the doctrine, we can look to these patterns, or “signatures”, for clues as to what part or parts of the body benefit from each particular food. Recently I went to see Don Tolman, known internationally as the Whole food medicine man, and his further insight on this subject was astounding!  


“A vitamin pill doesn’t have the same effect,” say scientists at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore!

Wholefood signatures- A stupendous insight of civilizations past has now been confirmed by today's investigative, nutritional sciences. They have shown that what was once called "The Doctrine of Signatures" was astoundingly correct.
Referred to in the classical period of Rome as the "Law of Similarities", it is now called by scientists, "Teleological Nutritional Targeting." It now contends that every whole food has a pattern that resembles a body organ or physiological function and that this pattern acts as a signal or sign, as to the benefit the food provides the eater.

Carrot- A sliced Carrot looks like the human eye. The pupil, iris and radiating lines look just like the human eye...and YES science now shows that carrots greatly enhance blood flow to and function of the eyes, a great remedy for night blindness. Now the eyes are not all that stand to benefit from daily consuming raw carrots…as they are so alkalizing, they help to clear acne, tonsillitis, parasites and rheumatism. As they are one of the richest sources of Beta-Carotene they will protect against cancer, dissolve accumulations such as stones and tumours, and help with ear infections, earaches and deafness. So what are you waiting for get your juicer out today!

Tomato-has four chambers and is red.  The heart is red and has four chambers. Research shows tomatoes are indeed pure heart and blood food. Tomatoes are charged with antioxidants and phytochemicals (over 9,000 phytonutrients to be exact!) that every body simply needs. The main and most powerful antioxidant in the tomato is lycopene. Lycopene is a carotenoid and it gives the red colour to the tomato as well as to rosehip, watermelon, and pink grapefruit.


Lycopene protects the liver, lungs, prostate gland, colon and skin (where it is most often deposited). The tomato doesn’t look like the eye, but ongoing research seems to show that lycopene helps prevent macular degeneration. Other super benefits of tomatoes are they help protect prostate, lower cholesterol, supports the immune system and can help prevent and rid cancers by eating 10 or more servings a week.  

The tomato’s carotenoids are the most vitamin A active, rivalling the carrot (100 grams of your average tomato has just half the vitamin A of the same amount of carrots). And don’t forget the vitamin C which every body needs for a healthy heart, although you can get more vitamin C from citrus than from a tomato. Depending on the type of orange, you can get 3 to 4 times the amount of vitamin C from oranges than from tomatoes. (And a red pepper has twice the vitamin C as the same amount of orange.)



Grapes- hang in a cluster that has the shape of the heart. Each grape looks like a blood cell and all of the research today shows that grapes are also profound heart and blood vitalizing food.

Grapes come in many varieties. Red grapes contain the most resveratrol, antioxidants, quercetin and other polyphenols, which also keep blood platelets from sticking together, and they are also a great source of boron to prevent osteoporosis.

Numerous studies have shown the health benefits of red wine, but drinking grape juice provides most of the benefits, without the risk that comes with alcohol consumption. Excessive alcohol usage can lead to liver problems, higher blood pressure, heart arrhythmias and alcohol addiction. Red wine can also cause migraines and gout in some people. Red wine usually contains preservatives, flavouring and unnatural colours which are not really things that we want to put into our bodies.

Again, grapes contain anti-cancer phytochemicals. Terminal cancer patients have totally remised their condition by eating nothing but grapes for 40 days (The Grape cure Johanna Brandt)

Grapes have also been praised to help with varicose veins, inflammation, anaemia and rheumatoid arthritis.

Citrus Fruits-If you thought it was only the vitamin C in citrus fruits that make them such a healthy choice, listen up. Cut in half one could say the pattern of citrus fruit resemble mammonary glands, says Don Tolman ‘The Wholefood Medicine man’

Deep inside the white rind and membranes of these fruit are the miraculous group of plant compounds of bioflavonoid, citric acids and pectin. Lemon, Orange, Lime and Grapefruit are the foods to eat up on for cancers (in particular breast cancer cells), heart problems, strokes, constipation, the blood and nerves. They are also known as great deplaquers.

The humble orange has 170 different phytochemicals and more than 60 known falconoid. These are shown to reduce inflammation, shrink tumours, and inhibit blood clots. The Herperidin in oranges can help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

The Lemon- is the most potent detoxifier of all the citric fruits .It kills intestinal parasites and dissolves gallstones. Time does not permit me to list all the benefits of this wonderful fruit.

The grapefruit pectin strengthens blood vessels and capillaries and reduces the accumulation of atherosclerotic plaque in those afflicted with this problem.

Grapefruit juice not only eases constipation and improves digestion but can reduce appetite, aiding in weight loss. Consumed at night grapefruit juice promotes sleep and alleviates insomnia.

Limes- contain limonene phytochemicals in the peel. These nutrients seep into the juice and can confer cancer benefits possibly by blocking abnormal cell growth. 



Celery-The greatest value of raw celery lies in the fact that it contains exceptionally high percentage of vital organic sodium.

“Looks like a bone, snaps like a bone and is 21% sodium like a bone”… says ‘Wholefood Medicine man’ Don Tolman. And now studies have proven how just 3 sticks of celery a day over 9 months can reverse Osteoporosis!

Regular table salt is composed of insoluble inorganic elements. Varicose veins, hardening of the arteries and other ailments have been traced to the consumption of this kind of Salt. Sodium however, is vital to many bodily functions. Every cell in the body is constantly bathed in a solution of saline water, and if this is not maintained at its required level, dehydration sets in.

Celery is high in magnesium and iron, a combination which is valuable as a food for the blood cells, high in Vit C and helps in cancer prevention and lower cholesterol and blood pressure. There really isn’t enough time to talk about the hundreds of other active compounds that it contains! Try some carrot and celery juice mmm..

  Along with carrots, onions, and potatoes, celery has now become a common household staple, you can certainly see why it needs to be!




Spinach-Take a close look at spinach, what do you see? Veins and arteries Im sure you’ll agree! And amazingly this deep green leafy veggie is the best food to eat up on when it comes to the blood. Yes, targeting arterial flow is one of its specialties due to its rich iron and chlorophyll content, and it not only builds the blood, but stops bleeding. It is a specific remedy for nosebleeds, herpes (due to its sulphur content), a great diuretic and laxative, and is helpful in the treatment of diabetic dryness and thirst. The ‘cooling nature’ of spinach cleanses the blood of toxins that can cause skin disease, and the ‘sliding nature’ (as documented by Chinese dietary theory), facilitates internal body movements such as bowel action and urination.

It has 4 times more beta carotene than than broccoli, and a rather high fibre content.


Kale- Is pure ‘Brain food’, that is not only exceptional source of Calcium, iron, sulphur, chlorophyll and Vit A but its beta carotene content far outweighs spinach. Kale is a rich source of anti-cancer activity chemicals, due to being a member of the cruciferous family, endowing it with cancer indoles that help regulate estrogen and removes colon cancer. There are many different varieties of Kale, some resembling spinach, others look like fancy lettuces.


Let us look at another vegetable, again fabulous for Arteries, Veins, Capillaries and the Brain.


Cabbage- The cabbage family is part of the Brassica group that contains several vegetables including broccoli and cauliflower. These Brassica/ otherwise known as Cruciferous vegetables are super-hero foods that Karate chop cancer! The high fibre content helps kick constipation, the sulphur and chlorine (the only good chlorine)- causes a cleansing of the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestinal tract, and being high in Vitamin C, it  is great for strengthening the immune system. It is well known today that cabbage juice heals colitis and peptic/duodenal ulcers by just drinking 2-4 glasses daily- and may do so in as little as 10 days. Dr Norman Walker D.Sc comments there may be unfortunately, unpleasant side=effects! “This however is a result of the cleansing elements in the juice acting on and dissolving the waste matter”. Therefore he suggests the combination of both carrot and cabbage juice to make it easier on the digestion, and a gentler cleaning process.

Cabbage is both anti-bacterial and anti-viral making it a superior food to kill germs, parasites and viruses.



The colour of your food

A lot can be said about the individual nutritional characteristics of such wonderful fruit and vegetables, but it gets tricky remembering all the things that they each do.

One way to simplify the healing properties of these foods(and juices) is designing your choices around various colours.

RED FOOD- speeds up circulation, creates fire, heats up your body including your hands and feet. Tomatoes, cherries, red cabbage, red capsicum, chillies, cranberries, watermelon, radish and rye to name a few.

ORANGE FOOD- is anti-spasmodic and is excellent for pains and cramps. It helps strengthen the lungs in polluted environments. Emotionally it opens up your joy and expansiveness. It promotes vitaslity and mental clarity. Oranges, apricots, carrots, pumpkin, sesame and pumpkin seeds.

YELLOW FOOD- is a motor stimulant. Which gets you going faster in the morning. It strengthens the nerves, digestion, and helps constipation. Lemon, pineapple, grapefruit, apple peach, banana, mango, yellow squash, corn.

GREEN FOOD-is a blood cleanser, bactericide and natural tranquilizer. Nutrifier. All greenleafy vegetables and sprouts, wheatgrass, sea-vegetables and avocadoes.

BLUE FOOD- is for headaches, spiritual and mental work. It is cooling. Blueberry, plum, grapes, parsnip, nuts, potatoes.