You can heal yourself!

I have said this before but it certainly bears repeating, most of the deadly diseases today are just simply a result of multiple nutritional deficiencies,
and what’s called ‘non-curable’, in the eyes of conventional medicine- are not so in the field of nature ! 
The truth is most of us were born nutritionally deficient! Our mother, and even her mother was without a doubt nutritionally depleted in some way!
Then in a few short months of life we were stabbed with a number of vaccines, which would introduce toxic chemicals to our little undeveloped bodies,
causing  great stress to our immune systems!
Then we were possibly fed formula and fed canned baby food,
and now people wonder why we are such a sick generation! 
Live to eat? or EAT TO LIVE!

By giving the body' living foods', rich in vital nutrients, the immune system is able to begin to heal the dysfunction.

Heres an article written by Rev George Malkmus from Hallelujah acres Shelby, North Carolina, who has over two decades now,
seen literally thousands & thousands of people who have been given death sentences, from diseases from A-Z, see their bodies totally free from plaguing illnesses


As we remove the hindrances to self-healing, and provide the body with the ingredients that will re-build the immune system, essential organs, and the self-healing mechanism God placed within our body, the body will almost always heal itself of whatever ails it. Following is a list of ingredients that will promote self-healing:

1.CARROT & OTHER RAW VEGETABLE JUICES – These juices go almost intravenously to the cellular level of our body, providing the body with the building materials needed to rebuild the immune system, essential organs, and the body’s own self-healing mechanism. BARLEY MAX is a convenient, pure, dehydrated, juice powder, coming from organically grown barley and alfalfa grasses. Because BarleyMax has had no heat applied during processing, the enzymes are still intact, and thus perform within the body just like the raw vegetable juices.

2.BASICALLY RAW DIET – The body is a living organism, comprised of living cells, and was designed by God to receive its nutrients in living or raw form. All cooked food is dead food, and thus not in the proper form to provide the body with the building materials it needs to keep the body cells strong and healthy. All animals in the wild eat their food raw, and by and large, never get sick. It is sad that we humans are not as wise!

3.PHYSICAL EXERCISE – Without daily aerobic physical movement of the body, toxins build up within the body, contributing to physical breakdown; muscles atrophy; the brain becomes sluggish due to lack of oxygen, and so much more. Exercise is as important as proper diet for self-healing.

4.PURE WATER – Approximately 70% of the body is comprised of water. We are constantly losing water through the urine, feces, sweat glands, mucous membranes, and even breathing. This lost liquid must be replaced on a daily basis. The purest liquid, to replace the lost liquid is in the form of juices found within the raw vegetables and fruits. The second best form of liquid is distilled water. Hallelujah Acres recommends adding WaterMax™ to distilled water to raise its Ph into the alkaline range
5.PROPER REST – It is only during the sleeping hours the body’s self-healing is activated and healing takes place. Seven to eight hours nightly should be the minimum. Each hour of sleep before midnight is equal to two hours after midnight.

6.PURE AIR – We should strive to breath the purest air possible at all times. Many people have moved from the city to the suburbs or country in order to have cleaner air to breath. Indoor air often needs an air-purifier.

7.SUNLIGHT – The body needs sunlight to shine upon it on a regular basis if we desire health. Sunlight helps build the immune system, provides the body with the essential vitamin “D”, energizes the body and promotes healing.

8.TRUST IN GOD – God is the Creator and sustainer of our life. With God as our constant companion and guide, the bible says that he will guide us into all truth. Psalm 32:8 says: “I WILL INSTRUCT THEE AND TEACH THEE IN THE WAY WHICH THOU SHALT GO...“

Rev George Malkmus -Personal testimony:
In January 1976, at the age of 42, while pastoring a very successful church in Glens Falls, New York, I was told I had colon cancer. Not wanting to go the medical route my mother had gone before me for her colon cancer, because of the horrible side-effects mother experienced at the hands of the medical community, I went looking for an alternative, while asking God to please “INSTRUCT ME IN THE WAY I SHOULD GO.”
I turned to Evangelist Lestor Roloff in Texas for counsel.
He encouraged me not to go the medical route, but rather to remove the HINDERANCES to healing listed above, and to adopt the HELPS.
Almost immediately I started to get well, and within one year there not only was no sign of cancer, but all the other physical problems I was experiencing at the time I eliminated the negatives and accentuated the positives, went away.
In January 2008, it will be 32-years since I removed the HINDERANCES to healing listed above, and added the HELPS. On February 12, 2008, I will celebrate my 74th birthday.
Today, at age 73, I not only have a muscular body, free of any known disease, but I do not have an ache or a pain in my body, and I can do almost anything physically and more mentally then I could do as a teenager.
For almost 16-years I have been sharing what I have learned and experienced with anyone who would listen. Millions have listened and applied what I was teaching. Tens of thousands have written to tell me that when they removed the HINDERANCES to healing, and added the HELPS, they too got well from their physical problems and that they too don’t get sick anymore.

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WinstonDon Tolman says it like this:

Disease is a mystery.

Theres huge money in mysteries.

Theres huge money in nearly every disease, because they're mysterious.

You never want to solve the mystery (find the cause/cure)

If you do so, you solve the money...

you're out of business.

On the other hand

Health is not a mystery.

Health is a wealth all of its own.

Theres no money in health.

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